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3 iPhone SE de troisième génération empilés

Tuesday, March 8, Apple gave an appointment to lovers of new technologies for a keynote which the firm has the secret. From the beginning of the latter, Tim Cook focuses on the iPhone, and in particular the SE models which will be entitled to a new model.

Long anticipated, the iPhone SE 3 is finally coming, and we can’t say that at first glance, it’s a revolution. It takes up the form factor of its predecessor, released in 2020, and is still equipped with Touch ID, and therefore a large “Home” button on the bottom of the phone.

The design: the big black spot of the iPhone SE

With a ‘small’ 4.7-inch screen, the phone seems like it’s frozen in time, but who cares? Apple wants a powerful product and gives itself the means to get there. With this new iPhone SE, the Apple brand comes with the latest A15 Bionic chip, which is also found in the iPhone 13.

A power that leaves no one indifferent. For The Verge, Apple has made a real masterstroke by producing a “powerful little phone” Although the « design is a bit too vintage for most of us ». On the side of Engadget, same story.

Indeed, the new iPhone SE shines with its performance, but its design struggles to bring it into today’s world. “For its price, the iPhone SE offers many advanced features” like 5G or the A15 chip. But here again the design is singled out. “Some of its other aspects are too old, like its cramped screen and limited camera setup.”

Not everyone is a fan of the iPhone SE

Sold at less than 500 dollars, the new iPhone SE seduces with its positioning on the market. On the side of CNET, we praise the very affordable price of this phone which “contains many modern features”.

Finally, the YouTuber Brownlee Brands, a tech specialist in the United States, believes that this new iPhone SE is a little too simple to deserve all the attention it is given. He returns quite critically to this product, criticizing it in particular for its design and its camera which are completely outdated today, given what the competition offers for the same price under Android.

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