Exodus launches browser wallet for Solana and Ethereum

Key facts:
  • In May, the first version of this wallet was released, available only for Solana.

  • Exodus had decided not to include Ethereum, in the first version, due to its high commissions.

After months of testing, the Exodus Browser Wallet is finally out on the market. It allows to manage all the tokens of the Ethereum and Solana networks.

The launch announcement was published this Tuesday, July 16, through a press release in which it is expressed the company’s commitment to the development of Web 3.0 technologies.

It should be noted that, as CriptoNoticias had reported, the Exodus browser wallet had a first release (beta version) in May this year. This gave access to exclusive features of Solana. As reported by the company, although it was among the plans to include Ethereum, due to the high commissions they decided not to add it until the release of this final version.

Algorand support is expected to be added on September 15. Support for different networks, such as Binance Smart Chain, Polygon, Fantom, and Avalanche, will be added by the end of the year.

Those who use the wallet can access all DeFi (decentralized finance) platforms and NFT (non-fungible token) platforms of Ethereum and Solana, from the web browser, connecting your wallet from the extension. Within the application they have a list of available platforms.

Token exchanges can be made in the same wallet

Also, inside the wallet Exodus’ own decentralized exchange exDEX has been included, for the exchange of tokens for both Solana and Ethereum. Also, a payment gateway has been added for the purchase of cryptocurrencies through credit cards, whose availability is limited by region.

The wallet is compatible with both desktop and mobile versions of Exodus. If you already have a wallet on your phone or computer, you can sync, using the same recovery seed, within the Exodus browser extension.

It is worth noting that, unlike MetaMask, Exodus wallet is multi-chain by default. In the case of MetaMask, the networks must be added manually. However, Exodus does not allow manual configuration of other cryptocurrency networks.

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