Experiment with some of our “Anti-Explosion” tools

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(On the occasion of this week of preferential rates “back to school 2021″ on our program ” Growing Up and Raising as a Family », We are happy to offer you, a little further down, a new extract of this program, in connection with the theme of this email)


“I got angry again…”, “He went crazy again…”, etc.

Despite all our positive intentions, our efforts and our desire to always be “calm”, “understanding”, “empathetic”, “to do well” …

… Our own emotions sometimes take over, invade us and cause us to lose control of ourselves.

And the more we try to silence them and take it upon ourselves, the more we explode!

This “explosion” is a discharge from our body.
When we have failed to identify and express what has “bothered” us, it accumulates inside us (for children, as for adults!) …
And at some point, that overflow of stress, of accumulated tension has to come out.

These explosions, which we judge so much, are ultimately “necessary”: to be able to let go, cry, shout, evacuate the accumulated tensions …

But, and what is reassuring, is that we can learn to “explode” in complete safety., for oneself as for others.

“We are fortunate to live near a forest. Whenever I feel ready to explode, I go for a walk. I cry, I cry, sitting among the ferns …
I know now that when I feel it bubbling inside of me, that I feel anger rising, I can choose to “explode” in safety, rather than let myself “explode” by my emotions. “

The explosion is not a problem since it allows us to evacuate, to let go …
But it can, most of the time, be done differently: not against the other, or against oneself. But rather with the other and with oneself.

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Table of Contents

Find out what lets you explode safely!

Today we offer you to experiment 5 tools to explode other than by breaking the dishes, or by burning your interior garden and / or that of your child.

Do not be afraid to grope or not get there: there are no failures!

If the seed has not set, replant another one! Or many !
You have an unlimited number of seeds in you to germinate and grow!
We invite you to discover them, by testing with your child, these other ways of “unloading”.

The child doesn’t need a perfect parent – who never gets upset!

He needs a parent who dares to live his emotions, who puts words on the states that cross him, in order to be able to learn to “live” his emotions as well.

Recognize them, welcome them, and let them go.

Download HERE the 5 tools extracted from the bonus “the Emergency Anti-Explosion Kit”

“Growing up and rising as a family” includes 5 Bonuses which complete the information of the 3 parts of the program:

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BONUS 1 – Early Childhood Files (104 additional Tool Sheets):

– Knowing the stages of child development – 20 tool sheets to understand your child’s developmental phases, and adapt your requests and expectations,
– The main themes of childhood – 22 tool sheets to live or go through the transitions in your child’s life harmoniously,
– Set up Montessori pedagogy at home – 20 tool sheets playful activities that strengthen family ties, bonding and trust between parent and child (and their autonomy at the same time!),
– Organize to less stress – 11 tool sheets (+1 audio file and 2 video fileséo) to free you up time in your days and find a more serene daily life
– Forge a strong bond through proximal mothering – 13 tool sheets (+1 audio file) to create a strong, stable and secure bond of attachment with your baby and learn to meet his basic needs,
– Propose activities related to the child’s age – 14 tool sheets to find the right activity and spend quality time with your child while stimulating him (but without “over-stimulating” him),

– Sleep for toddlers – 4 Tool Sheets to know everything about the sleep of toddlers

BONUS 2 – The Family Logbook (20 customizable dies):

Getting organized allows you to save time, to “put down” the mental load, to be more serene on a daily basis!
The Family Logbook brings together some twenty customizable matrices and documents that will allow you to optimize your time, distribute tasks fairly within the household and promote children’s autonomy.
From the shopping list, to house rules and visual routines, including vacation planning… all these little everyday things are put down and organized, to save you time and peace of mind!

BONUS 3 – The “anti-explosion” emergency kit:

14 tips to put in place when “I feel like I’m going to go crazy… or when, too late, “I burst out of anger” to use without moderation !

BONUS 4 – Relationships among siblings:

3 Tool sheets to discover what is behind the relationships between brothers and sisters …
how to prevent conflicts and better manage them when they arise!

BONUS 5 – The Super-Parents Library:

The list of all the books we have read over the past 10 years and from which we were inspired to design this program.
The list of children’s books and games that we loved

If you wish to register, you have 3 days left to take advantage of our exceptional “back to school 2021” rate:

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Experiment with some of our "Anti-Explosion" tools

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