Experts advise not to have relationships with men in their 30s, why?

Expertos aconsejan no tener relaciones con hombres de 30 años, ¿por qué?

A dating and relationship expert has revealed the age range of men you should never date. The warning has caused much controversy in networks.

Jana hocking, 35, originally from Sydney, Australia, after analyzing years of failed dates from others and also a lot of personal practice, she realized that there was a pervasive trait among all relationships that did not thrive.

She found that all the men in the relationships she analyzed were in an age group that The Mirror reports that no woman should venture into making future plans with a man.

“Stay away from any male in the 30-40 age group,” she told

It is a wide fork, ten years old no less. But Jana’s reasoning makes sense.

The expert describes the men in this age group as “crickets”, since they are generally settling down, starting families and are out of the market.

Jana suggests looking for men who are under 30 years, since probably they are looking for a romance. The other option is with men over 40, who tend to seek love after a divorce.

Available men in their 30s and 40s, according to Jana, are less prone to commitment.

That is why he suggests targeting the divorced, who on average are 45.9 years old.

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