Face ID could arrive on Mac, accompanied by 5G


Imagine finding yourself far from any Wi-Fi network at the last minute before a video call, with no hotspot close enough to connect. A hassle, isn’t it? Still, maybe not for so long. Indeed, according to Mark Gurman, flagship publisher of the American magazine Bloomberg when it comes to speculating about Apple, 5G would be in the sights of the California manufacturer for its computers.

Without revealing precisely its source, the journalist explains that the idea of ​​a cellular modem has already germinated at Cupertino. A considerable advance and yet still not very obvious even on the side of the competition. As with water resistance, our large format machines might therefore have to learn more from our smartphones.

Double biometric unlocking

In addition to 5G, Gurman also assures that Face ID will soon be integrated into Macs. Under the screen? In small borders? For the moment, nothing is less certain as the patents contradict each other – as well as the leaks – on this subject.

Even the potential release schedule of these devices remains difficult to guess. Apple for its part seems determined to chase generations frantically without taking into account its usual pace, while the rumors counting on a slow-motion subcontracting since the start of the health crisis embellish the traditional media.

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