Face ID obsolescence: Apple backs off

Face ID

Last month, the biometric unlocking system of the iPhone 13 made the headlines because some noticed that a change of screen not operated in Apple Store knocked out this technology. However, as we quickly saw, the other devices released previously were not affected by this problem. A reaction from the manufacturer was therefore widely expected.

During an interview with the magazine The Verge, Apple thus finally announced that an update was underway to remedy this “bug”. However, we still do not know when this new version of iOS will arrive, or even what its official numbering will be.

A right for consumers?

Covered by AppleCare + insurance, screen breakage is the most common damage that iPhones face. The most recent editions are however well equipped with a Ceramic Shield glass (trade name given by the manufacturer to the Gorilla Glass protection from the subcontractor Corning), but this is rarely enough to cope with serious shocks of several meters. height. What is more when the device does not have any additional film to fight against this kind of incident.

If it is more than honest for Apple to let users be able to repair their displays at the competition, it is also that the prices in its own stores are very high. We are thus left with prices of up to 361.10 euros for the panel of the iPhone 13 Pro Max, against 311.10 euros for the diagonals of 6.1 inches and 251.10 euros for the iPhone 13 mini if no warranty service such as AppleCare + has been purchased. Hard. On the side of authorized stores, on the other hand, the bill can sometimes not exceed a few tens of euros.

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iOS 15 still available

At the moment, the most recent iOS update is iOS 15.2 (beta 2) but this one is only available for developers. In addition, it therefore does not contain a fix for the Face ID issue. We can therefore assume that another anticipated version, or even iOS 15.3, will be entitled to it. We will of course keep you informed of the next deployments in our columns.

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