Face ID repair will soon be easier

Face ID

According to an internal memo on which MacRumors was able to get their hands, the Californian firm would currently warn its repairers in Apple Store and partner stores of an upcoming size change concerning the iPhone XS and all newer models with face recognition.

In the event of Face ID failure on these iPhones, until then, the rule was as follows: return to Apple and receive a replacement model. Soon, repairers will be able to avoid this costly maneuver both for the buyer and for the planet, in terms of carbon footprint.

According to the source, they will have the opportunity to replace the complete Face ID module with front camera without having to trade with Apple. The Californian company should soon offer these new modules in the Apple Store and train its teams on the maneuver to be carried out. Authorized third-party repairers will also be able to take advantage of this new possibility.

The essential information to remember here concerns above all the user. This last will pay less for the repair in the event of a Face ID problem, and will surely be able to recover your smartphone faster than before.

If you are looking to have your iPhone repaired, do not hesitate to consult this page from the Apple site. In particular, it lists the various repairers available around you and gives a lot of information on the deadlines and potential costs of operations.

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