Technology Apple Facebook is preparing to sue Apple?

Facebook is preparing to sue Apple?


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If Mark Zuckerberg’s bluish social network is in the sights of American justice because of its monopoly position on the market (antitrust law), Facebook is also the target of Apple, which has made it its direct opponent in the fight for data protection. Attacked from all sides, the social network intends to defend itself, and Mark Zuckerberg seems to have decided to apply an old adage to the letter “The best defense is attack”. Indeed, according to information from “The Information”, the social network should sue Apple regarding the data protection rules that the Cupertino company has put in place in particular since the arrival of iOS 14.

According to Zuckerberg, Apple’s rules for app developers – which require them to use the App Store and therefore pay a commission to Apple – make it harder to compete with Apple in areas such as games, messaging and online shopping. This Apple monopoly is therefore contested by Facebook, which could take legal action on the basis of the “antitrust” law. A nice irony when we know that this same law could be very expensive for Facebook in the coming months.

Apple is ready to fight to defend its users’ data

But the report of The Information is more nuanced. Indeed, this idea of ​​taking legal action against the Apple would be far from unanimous. If the executives of the social network seem more for, the site reveals in its report that a sling is being organized in the ranks of Facebook. Employees who had already qualified “on the verge of hypocrisy” Facebook’s actions against Apple.

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On the Apple side precisely, the threat of a lawsuit with Facebook is for the moment far from being the priority. Indeed the latter reaffirmed this week, on the occasion of the European day for the protection of data, its desire to make their access more difficult even than it is today.

Apple boss Tim Cook explained that: “If we accept as normal and inevitable that everything in our lives can be aggregated and sold, we are losing so much more than data, we are losing the freedom to be human.”

A speech that demonstrates Apple’s commitment to this area. Because Apple is anchored in this ideology of data confidentiality, and even the risk of a lawsuit against Facebook will not stop them, as Apple has already taken this path. It is impossible for the apple brand to back down, and the clash against Facebook could well take place in the coming months.


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