LifeStyle Relationships 3 factors to consider before forgiving infidelity

3 factors to consider before forgiving infidelity


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Infidelity is a difficult time for the victim and also for the relationship. In these cases, it is possible to forgive this betrayal of the relationship, but there are several factors to consider before making the final decision, as we will see below.

Factors to consider before forgiving infidelity

It is a personal decision

As Coach Maite Nicueza says in her article for Webconsultations, whether or not to forgive infidelity is a very personal decision because, after all, each person knows what to do with their lives and what is right for them.

In this sense, you shouldn’t be influenced by other people when deciding what to do, because you could make the decision that is less healthy or satisfactory for you.

True forgiveness

Forgiving infidelity must be done in the strict sense of the word, that is, it must be done blur and new account to rebuild again an environment of trust and mutual respect. It is a necessary step to successfully rebuild the relationship.

There is no real forgiveness when the victim of infidelity burdens his partner and questions him for each step he takes, or for each person he meets. This hurts the relationship and attempts against its continuity.

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Never pay in the same currency

Committing infidelity after being similarly betrayed it’s not a mature attitude Much less an action that can compensate for the damage caused. This is a procedure that cannot occur if you want to forgive the original infidelity or in any other situation.

There is no doubt that infidelity is a very strong blow to the victim, but despite everything, it is possible that said victim forgives someone who has betrayed his trust. This is a situation that does not occur in all relationships, and that is subject to many variables.

An effective way to deal with these types of situations is by attending couples therapy, but this is also a decision that must be taken together and with which both must agree.

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