Fake iPhone 14 cases are already hitting the market


Discovered by Majin Bu, who then shared them on Twitter, these four silicone cases are designed to be perfect replicas of Apple products. Produced in China, these cases are ahead of their time, already offering to protect the iPhone 14 as well as these three versions.

As a reminder, the iPhone 14 is only a rumor today and no official announcement has been made by Apple regarding the brand’s next phone or the versions that will accompany it. According to some analysts, the iPhone 14 could be joined on stage in early September by a Max version, instead of the “mini”, as well as the faithful Pro and Pro Max versions, still there.

Easy-to-recognize fake shells

With these counterfeit Chinese cases, the seller behind this manufacture hopes to be able to fool some customers who are uninformed of Apple’s policy regarding iPhone cases. Because products of this kind, produced by the apple brand, are different on two main points.

The first is that they support MacSafe, Apple’s wireless charging technology introduced with the iPhone 12. The other big difference with these fakes is that official Apple cases don’t come in boxed transparent plastic as is the case here.

A new clue for the design of the iPhone 14

But two months before the possible launch of the iPhone 14, Chinese factories are already running at full speed, and counterfeits, like official products, are already rolling off the production lines, making them reach the market 60 days too early. While production molds of the next iPhones are often provided to case makers months before Apple-branded phones arrive, they can’t be 100% reliable until Apple makes the presentation of his iPhone 14.

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These shells are still a good way to get an idea of ​​​​the changes expected for the next phones from the firm. According to analyst DuanRui, known for his posts on Twitter, one of these iPhone cases, the one for the Pro model, shows how much the Apple brand has worked on the design of the photo block this year. This should be significantly larger than previous years.

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