Famous comedian Dave Chapelle suffers aggression in full show

Famous comedian Dave Chapelle suffers aggression in full show

In a new episode of violence within the show, Dave Chappelle was attacked on stage at the Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles, while participating in the Netflix It’s a Joke festival on Tuesday, May 3.

The American comedian was closing his participation on stage, when a man suddenly climbed up and tried to send him to the ground, a fact that shocked those present and generated the quick reaction of the security guards.

After the incident, the comedian rejoined and was assisted by some of the event attendees, including Jamie Foxx and Chris Rock, who did not miss the opportunity to put a sandwich.

“That was Will Smith,” said Chris Rock as he took the microphone, recalling the controversial moment he starred in with the actor at the Oscars and trying to add a touch of humor to the situation that was taking place.

Chapelle also joked about what happened when he continued his presentation: “I don’t know if this was part of the show, but I took it from the head and his hair was like a sponge, absorbent,” said the comedian.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the aggressor was a trans man who would have reacted to the transphobic content that Chapelle would have in his speech.

Los Angeles Police told NBC that the man was carrying a fake firearm that unfolded a blade when activated, although it was not clear if he intended to use it. The man in question was arrested.

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