Famous luxury gym Equinox accepts cryptocurrencies – DiarioBitcoin

Famous luxury gym Equinox accepts cryptocurrencies - DiarioBitcoin

Famous luxury gym Equinox accepts cryptocurrencies - DiarioBitcoin For DailyBitcoin Editor

Cryptocurrencies will be accepted by one of the best luxury gyms in the world: equinox, located in New York.


We know that there are people who do not care whether cryptocurrencies are accepted or not in stores, because they see it only as an investment and not as a means of payment, but for other people it is very important to be able to use their crypto to pay for products and services, such as buying homes, cars, clothes, food and also, why not, to invest in fun and luxury.

Now a famous gym in New York, known for its luxurious atmosphere, accepts cryptocurrencies as a means of payment.

Is about Equinox Group, which is considered one of the best luxury gyms in the world. Born in 1991, it is headquartered in Manhattan, New York. He has now reported that he will start accepting cryptocurrencies after partnering with leading cryptocurrency payment processor BitPay, according to the media The New York Post.

According to that medium, it would be the first gym in New York City to allow members to pay for membership in cryptocurrencies.

full luxury

The list of cryptocurrencies it accepts is still unclear and it does not say anything about it on its social networks. According to UToday It will be today that the gym makes the announcement with all the details. be clear Equinox is set to make an official announcement later today.

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The media say that apart from its exorbitant prices, equinox It is also known for its controversial and provocative advertising campaigns that aim to underline wealth and excess. One of her most famous posters, which was photographed by famed photographer Stephen Klein, shows a nearly naked male model covered in $100 bills, she recalls. Today.

Add that equinox it has celebrities such as journalist Anderson Cooper and pop star Shawn Mendes among its top members. Famous people also frequently mention the name of the gym, thus boosting its brand.

Its customers pay up to $500 per month to gain access to premium features like empty locker rooms and full-body showers with temperature controls. In addition to that, VIP customers can also get their shoes shined.

The company also faced strong controversy in 2019 after New York Times reported that Equinox had forced trainers to work overtime and sleep in employee locker rooms.

more gyms

There are already several gyms that accept cryptocurrencies in Georgia, New Jersey and other states, according to account UToday based on data from gastbitcoins.com.

Well, a good way to invest crypto is in keeping our bodies fit.

Sources: The New York Post, todayarchive

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