Fan of “El Capi” Pérez gets a tattoo in his honor

Fan of "El Capi" Pérez gets a tattoo in his honor

It is well known that one of the favorite conductors of Mexican television is “El Capi Pérez”, who, due to his comedy style and his occurrences during live programs, has managed to win the affection of the public.

Such is the acceptance of the driver from Aguascalientes, which has led him to participate in different projects such as Venga la Alegría, La Resolana, La Caminera and LOL México, a program in which he has participated twice.

Without a doubt, the second time Capi participated in the program conducted by Eugenio Derbez, he drew attention by playing a peculiar character inside the house, being the TV Azteca host himself dressed as a fairy.

Such was the liking of the character, that many followers of Capi Pérez have replicated his costume or have held theme parties, however, a fan drew attention by making a tattoo where you can see the driver dressed as the fairy.

This story was shared by the comedian himself on his Instagram account, where in addition to being surprised, he was also admired that the so-called “fairy periquera” had been tattooed.

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