Fan of Gerard Piqué takes revenge on him and publishes a photo of the footballer with a blonde on Instagram

Fan of Gerard Piqué takes revenge on him and publishes a photo of the footballer with a blonde on Instagram

Gerard Hammered, player of the FC Barcelona.

Gerard Hammered, player of the FC Barcelona.

Photo: Luis Gene. /Getty Images

The owner of a restaurant asked the star of the FC Barcelona, Gerard Piqué, take a picture with his son and the footballer refused. That’s why the fan decided to take revenge on him and post a photo on Instagram with a blonde. Of course, it went viral in a matter of seconds and speculation about Piqué’s alleged lover returned.

Gerard Piqué is still in the eye of the hurricane after announcing its shakira splitwith whom he lasted 12 years and with whom he has two children: milan and sasha. Recently, the footballer was trolled by the owner of a Swedish restaurant who published a photo of him with a mysterious blonde in revenge for allegedly refusing to greet her son, a great football lover and Pique fan.

The woman named Katrin Zytomierska has branded the famous athlete a “loser” in a social media post that has already gone viral. In the image that she shared to teach him a lesson, Gerard Piqué can be seen with a hoodie with a hood next to the young blonde with a white cap, who has not yet been identified.

“Listen to me, loser Gerard PiquéKatrin, who is also a famous blogger and TV presenter in her native Sweden, assured him. “Probably most of the girls at this party want to xxxx with you. I see you and immediately think of my son. I was clear with you. I asked you to greet my son. You said no, because you are what? A guy who can dribble a ball? That Do not Impress Me Much. What makes me sad is that fame has gone to your head and that’s pathetic. You’re not that big of a deal, you’re just a boy with a ball. I myself have that, a boy with a ball. But you know karma exists,” he said. the fan while publishing in revenge the photo of Gerard Piqué with the mysterious blonde.

The photograph was taken on Friday night at a party that was part of an event called ‘Brilliant Minds’ which Gerard Piqué he had attended as CEO of his firm Kosmos. After the stir it has caused, the fan closed her account Instagram, but he has been encouraged to chat with the Catalan journalists Lorena Vásquez and Laura Fa from “Mamarazzis” to explain why he took such drastic measures. According to her version of events, she asked Gerard Piqué if he could say hello to his son and he said no even after he insisted that the boy would be very excited.

“He wasn’t rude, but he was a little arrogant,” the fan clarified. “I guess because he is such a well-known footballer… but I hadn’t met him until then. Then I took the photo to post it on Instagram.” Katrin acknowledged that she had no idea who the mysterious blonde friend of the footballer.

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