Fans of Adamari López say goodbye to her and ask her to enjoy the days she has left in Un Nuevo Día

Fans de Adamari López se despiden de ella y le piden que disfrute de los días que le quedan en Un Nuevo Día

“Adamari are going for you,” some fans say to Telemundo’s spoiled “chaparrita”

In less than a year, the production of Un Nuevo Día fired four of its most beloved talents: Héctor Sandarti, Erika Csiszer, Rashel Díaz and yesterday – Thursday, August 27 – it was chef James’ turn.

From the Sandarti exit Fans asked for the cancellation of the program, and many even assured that they would stop watching the Telemundo morning to become viewers of Univision’s Despierta América. The dismissal of Rashel Díaz elicited the same reaction from fans who still have the show. The public continues to insist on the cancellation of Un Nuevo Día.

However, the dismissal of chef James has generated fear and doubts around Adamari López, the most beloved female host in the public. The journalist Mandy Fridmann confirmed through La Opinion that the production of the program wants to give a change to it, making the morning a more newsworthy show, which is why they have been “clearing” the panorama in the search for drivers who comply with that profile.

Everyone knows that Adamari’s contribution to Un Nuevo Día is not newsworthy. The also actress not only brings her natural sensitivity, but also her charisma, joy and sense of natural comedy. This has caused the alarms to sound around the Puerto Rican. Mandy also asserted, after the departure of James Tahhan, that there is a possibility that Adamari will leave the show and resume her acting career. And it seems that today some fans have decided to say goodbye to Adamari López through the program’s Instagram.

  • rosylucas24: Enjoy your stay in a new day, since the next to leave is her … everyone has already left.
  • nathasha_ramirez Adamaris go for you … How sad that Jen is not
  • v4ever_1m The chicky baby is missing that one that if they take her out does not have any professionalism like Ada
  • glorius0101 Adamari you and Rachel should have your owe talk show like “The Talk”. Review and study and proposed to a network
  • itunes305 It is the day to say goodbye to the costumes and teach them to dress at least for the program, what a horrible thing
  • lamadrilena05 When is adamaris going ???
  • godoyclara61 Brave those who remain !!! Sandarti, Rachel and now James 😞😞😞😞when a television network is bankrupt and does not value its best talents😞 Who is the next ??? So nobody can work !!!! Regrettable
  • ruthcamanzo Now they need to vote for adamaris… .. with that they have already voted for everyone… .. I don’t even see them anymore… ..


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