Fanta and its curious origin in Nazi Germany

Fanta and its curious origin in Nazi Germany

Photo: SKopp / Creative Commons

Fanta, one of the most popular soft drinks in the world, the brightly colored drink is german creation and it has had a great evolution since its origin. Would you believe it was made from food scraps?

The soft drink was created in the midst of complicated circumstances within a Coca-Cola factory in Nazi Germany in 1940, in the middle of World War II.

Years before, the Coca Cola company had spread with dozens of plants around the world, including Germany. Coca-Cola provided the flavoring, while each country made and bottled its production.

Everything was going well, even when Adolf Hitler came to powerIn 1934 an era began for Germany and for Coca-Cola. The soft drink had no problems at first, he even sponsored the 1936 Summer Olympics in Berlin.

Max Keith who was in charge of the German branch never joined the Nazi Party, yet did his best to keep the company afloat.

Then, with the attack on Pearl Harbor, the United States formally entered World War II and declared Germany an enemy. The American company had they stop sending the cola drink concentrate.

The German soft drink that Keith ran couldn’t produce Coca-Cola, but I needed to keep producing something to survive. In need, chemists invented another soft drink.

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The new drink was made from leftovers from other food industries, with ingredients that were scarcely available, such as pulp, apple fiber and serum, the liquid by-product of cheese curd.

A soft drink made with what Mark Pendergrast in the book “By God, the country and Coca-Cola”, points out how the remains of other food industries.

The name would come up in a contest among employees, when the manager asked them to let their Fantasie (fantasy in German) a vendor exclaimed the abbreviation Fanta! and it was the word that hit.

There were few options, Fanta was a success, became a very popular drink, because of its manufacture it could be produced even with the sugar rationing. Because of its sweet flavor, even soups and stews were used.

The successful Fanta was well received by the Coca-Cola company that decided was launched in 1955 in Italy how Fanta Orange, of a vibrant orange color and made with citrus ingredients (not food scraps) and reached the United States in 1958.


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