Farewell night in Anoeta

Noche de despedidas en Anoeta

The Royal Sand closes the season in Second Division without nothing at stake. Like the first team, the subsidiary of the Real fire course in a game where all the fish is sold. The difference is that while in the First Division they were already classified for Europe, the second team is descended. And his rival has nothing at stake either, because he Royal Saragossa He has escaped from below the possible scare of the fight for salvation, and from above he has not been able to get close to the fight for the playoff (follow the match live on AS.com).

Sanse and Zaragoza only have the bench lure. The ‘colts’ to say goodbye to their guide for the last three years, a Xabi Alonso that led them to the experience of playing in Second. And the hands to know what is going to happen with Juan Ignatius Martinezwhose future will not be revealed until the end of the season.

what will happen to jim It is the first unknown that the new owners of Real Zaragoza must answer, who will direct the new project, which wants to excite their fans again. So end well or badly does not seem trivial for the Aragonese, whose sensations can divert the decision to one side or the other.

Shield/Flag R. Society B

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The one that we already know what its future is Xabi Alonso. the tolosarra he says goodbye today de la Real, after three years directing the subsidiary and with almost 100 games. He closes like this successful stage with a ascenta playoff qualification frustrated for the coronavirus, and a hard year in Second in which they have had options of salvation until the penultimate day. Xabi has grown in his Real, and nobody doubts which will… to direct the first team. But for now he will embark on a new adventure. And you have to say goodbye.

You won’t be the only one to say goodbye. Practically, the half of the ‘foals’ del Sanse will have to find accommodation outside Zubieta, because the descent changes the whole horizon of the subsidiary. Some will stay first team, but many will not have room. Y others will continue in the First RFEF, Sure. Although what is certain is that a new stage is opening in the subsidiary, putting an end to the successful era of Xabi Alonso. A victory is sought to close with a good taste in the mouth a season from which the Real subsidiary comes out stronger, despite relegation.

Facing a party with so much sentimental component, there is a initiative for reward partners that have up to four free tickets by card There are two options to enjoy this show: live the experience from the Grada Aitor Zabaleta or in the rest of the stands.

Shield/Flag Real Zaragoza

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For his part, the Royal Saragossa goes to Anoeta with the intention of ending the championship with a victory that will allow move up a position in the table, also depending on the rest of the results of the final day, with the aim of improving the economic reward. The Aragonese team, which is thirteenth, could finish tenth, so it would go from the 490,000 euros to the 760,000 prize for classification, a difference of 270,000 euros.

The likely goodbye from Juan Ignatius Martinez, whose contract expires this June 30, can join that of many footballerssince the change of ownership and the arrival of a powerful international investment group will bring the club important changes in all orders.

The technician will not announce the call until today first thing in the morning, so keep in the air the presences of Jair, that yesterday he did not train with a paternity leave, and Christian Alvarez, with muscle discomfort. Nano Mesa and Nieto are safe casualties.

The keys to the game

Bands. The Sanse generates a lot of danger thanks to the rise of its sides, Sola and Ander Martin.

Defending. One of the workhorses of the realistic subsidiary, punctual defensive errors that have cost him dearly.

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Role of Robert Navarro. It is a key factor, when Sanse is inspired it is another team.

aces to follow

Gonzalez de Zarate. The most regular Sanse player this season in Segunda. With ups and downs, he has shown the qualities to end up in the txuri-urdin first team. The head of the defense for Xabi Alonso.

Russet. His end of season is being remarkable. He sets up the game from the midfielder.

Ups and downs

No casualties in the Sanse.

Real Zaragoza is without Nieto and Nano Mesa. Vigaray, it would be a doubt.




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