Fast or cheap payments? This Lightning Client Makes Sending Bitcoin Simple

Key facts:
  • Lightning Labs’ new client makes searching for payment routes more efficient.

  • It also includes MuSig2, to experiment with multisignature transactions.

Lightning Labs announced the launch of its new client to interact with Lightning, the network of Bitcoin payment channels, adding new features to this popular software.

The client named lnd 0.15 beta notably adds the ability to create addresses and make Taproot transactionsone of the most recent important updates for Bitcoin.

In the context of this client, this would allow open and close Lightning channels with greater efficiency and privacygiven the Taproot attributes and the Schnorr cryptographic signature generation and management method.

Along these same lines, lnd 0.15 also enables the MuSig2 protocol. As we have explained in CriptoNoticias, it is a multisignature scheme based on Schnorr, for greater security redundancy in the generation and management of cryptographic signatures for your users.

They indicate that they do this experimentally through a remote call procedure (remote procedure call), which allows software to be run “from a distance”. This facilitates and benefits the execution and performance of the Bitcoin and Lightning node, a hardware and software device that must be dedicated exclusively to this task.

With this in mind, also implemented a reduction of about 95% in storage space used for recording new data.

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The fastest or the cheapest? Choose the best payment route for you

Added to all this, users now have the option to manage their payment delivery time preferences, and not just the cost ones. Michael Levin, Growth Manager at Lightning Labs, explained this feature in the ad of this client.

“The developers have requested to improve the payment route search function. This request stems from the fact that some payments may need to arrive faster while other payments may prefer to be optimized for low cost. So in this release, users have more control over their preferences for searching for payment routes, with the time variable giving the user control of the time of the payment route over the cost of the payment route.”

Michael Levin, Lightning Labs.

Generally, when sending bitcoins via Lightning, the software will look for the cheapest or lowest-fee route; now, the user has the option to use the fastest and most direct routealthough this could represent a higher cost in commissions.

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