Apple MAC fast user switching on M1 Macs is not working

fast user switching on M1 Macs is not working


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The update to macOS Big Sur, offered to all Apple computer users since last fall, offers a number of new features, each more useful than the last. Among them, the fast user switching, which avoids completely disconnecting when opening a new session. It is also called Fast User Switching in original version.

The problem is that recently, some Macs equipped with the processor M1 designed by Apple encounter a major technical problem while using this option. Indeed, the screen saver then starts without warning and rendering the mouse inoperative. To exit, you must close the screen or press the Touch ID sensor. Embarrassing.

How do I turn off fast user switching?

At the moment, Apple has not deployed a patch, which means that it will probably still be a few days before you are entitled to a dedicated update. However, in the meantime, you can still manually turn off fast user switching by going to the app. Settings of macOS.

Note also that other machines also seem to be affected, such as the MacBook Pro with a sixteen-inch screen. This one runs thanks to an Intel chip but should be improved soon, according to the latest rumors …

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