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Here is the report of our road trip in Gaspésie this summer. For this new 2-week road trip, we decided to stay in Quebec and discover the Gaspé. With a trip from Montreal, a climb north then a loop starting with the south of the Gaspé Peninsula, we were able to discover the Baie des Chaleurs, Percé and Forillon Park, not to mention the Gaspésie Park. We will finish quietly at Lake Témiscouata which is on the way back. Here is our review of these 2 weeks of road trip in Gaspésie: favorites, disappointments, advice and budget. We tell you everything!

Review of our road trip in Gaspésie: our favorites

The Parc de la Gaspésie: a shared crush

We had high expectations for the Parc de la Gaspésie, whether in terms of hiking, landscapes or animals that we could meet. And we can say that this park fills all the boxes! There are miles and miles of hiking trails, with varying lengths and levels. The landscapes are just incredible from the moment you gain height. But above all, the moose were out just for us when we passed. Shared crush!

The descent of the Bonaventure River: a must

Bonaventure gaspesie river kayaking

It is one of the favorite activities of travelers in Gaspésie: rent a boat and descend at your own pace this river with clear water and incredible colors. We had a great time aboard our kayak, at our own pace. The effort is not exceptional since the current takes you quietly throughout the course. And the sun being with us that day, we were able to admire the famous emerald color of the water of the river. An activity accessible to all, which allows you to take the time and recharge your batteries in the heart of nature.

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Bonaventure Island: hikes and meetings

Northern Gannets colony Bonaventure Island

Unmissable stopover during a road trip in Gaspésie: the discovery of Bonaventure Island off the coast of Percé. After making the decision to postpone our visit for a few days to take advantage of good weather, we had a very pleasant time on the island. The hikes are easy and accessible to all by taking their time and arriving early. But it is especially the meeting with the Northern Gannets and the resident seals off the coasts that caught our attention. A real good time cut off from the world.

1 motel worth seeing in Gaspésie

Among all our accommodations in Gaspésie, here is one that was a real favorite for us:

  • In Cap des Rosiers, near Forillon Park, the Motel le Pharillon will welcome you in its cabins with breathtaking views of the ocean. Fridge, microwave and a large bedroom to enjoy it without counting the outdoor spaces to enjoy it. Less than 10 minutes from the park by car, an ideal location and a very warm welcome. We highly recommend it!

Our disappointments are also part of this review of our road trip in Gaspésie

The disadvantages of traveling at the end of the season

The season ends towards the end of August in the Gaspé. After this date, the weather becomes worse and worse and many structures simply close. We were in Gaspésie during the last fortnight of August, and we clearly felt the fatigue of the end of the season among tourism professionals, as well as the first closings (reduced hours, few staff, etc.). Suffice to say that when the restaurants close at 8pm, you really feel it’s the end … If you can, plan your stay a week earlier to avoid inconvenience.

The weather during our trip to Lake Témiscouata

beach Parc du Lac Temiscouata

Although it is not part of the Gaspé, Lake Témiscouata was part of our trip, especially to cut the return route in 2 from the Gaspé. Unfortunately, the weather was capricious. And in our SEPAQ ready-to-camp, we found the time long while waiting for the nice showers to pass… It’s part of the travel game, but we can’t say that the park is especially attractive in gloomy or rainy weather.

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Tips, advice and tips for a road trip in Gaspésie

First, our road trip by car in Gaspésie

Even if it is possible to do this road trip in Gaspésie with a city car, I can only advise you to rent an SUV. It’s more expensive, of course, but much more practical. You can really go everywhere and take all the roads, trails and paths in the parks (some paths are gravel to join the hikes). For this road trip, we rented a Mitsubishi RVR SUV from Enterprise for $ 555 (unlimited mileage). Enterprise is a car rental company with a strong presence in Canada. In a fortnight of renting a car from them, we had no problem.

Many accommodations offer free parking, whether in hotel motels and regional or national parks. Super practical!

Then, planning the round trip

Bic Park

From Montreal, the Gaspé is literally at the other end of Quebec. This is why we decided to cut the road in 2, both on the outward and return.

Departing from Montreal, we therefore joined Bic Park for 2 days before arriving in Gaspésie. While on the way back, it was at Lac Témiscouata that we made a short stop before heading back. I recommend that you take the time on the road, as there are really a lot of cool getaways to avoid having to do the whole trip in one go.

Then the banks to travel on a road trip free of charge

As usual, we invite you to consult our article to the banks that we have chosen to travel free of charge. Although we didn’t have to change currencies and were able to use our Canadian credit cards, the good deals with the HelloBank card (or ScotiaBank for that matter) and payments with the card N26 remain excellent advice for Europeans. No bank fees and free bank cards with HelloBank and N26. The perfect combo for traveling to Canada!

To benefit from sponsorship offers, do not hesitate to send us your email address by email, everyone wins!

  • N26: the sponsorship offer is 10 € euros for you and 15 € for us. Click on this link here.
  • HelloBank! : the sponsorship offer is 80 euros for you and 80 euros for us.
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Finally, insurance for well-covered travel in the Gaspé

Once is not customary, we always take stock of the travel insurance we have before leaving on a trip. And even though we stayed in the same country this year, it seems risky to us to explore the world without any insurance whatsoever for us or our business.

Cap Bon Ami Parc Forillon

And for countries where health care is very very expensive like Canada, we can only recommend that you take out travel insurance for you and your loved ones. If you don’t want to get into the puzzle of insurance contracts, we have prepared a comparison of the main travel insurances for you. So don’t take any risks, vacations are important; but health is sacred!

Finally, the results of our road trip in Gaspésie, budget side

For these 15 days in Gaspésie, we had some for 2,632 euros for 2 people all inclusive from Montreal (1 euros = 1.56 Canadian dollars).

Budget Road Trip Gaspésie Quebec Canada

Unsurprisingly, transportation takes up the majority of the budget for our 15-day road trip in Gaspésie. Indeed, the rental of the car as well as the gasoline put regularly weigh heavily in the budget, it is the principle of the road trips!

Then come accommodation and food. You should know that we have planned meals by ourselves by doing some shopping in supermarkets, whether for breakfasts or picnics in the parks. The accommodations were either comfortable motels or ready-to-camp in SEPAQ parks.

Finally, extras and visits complete this budget. With our SEPAQ Annual Pass, the majority of park entrances were included and the hikes are free activities. A good way to offset the budget.

It is quite possible to reduce this budget by reducing the range of accommodation or by camping every day. It is also possible to reduce restaurants by planning 100% of meals.

And you, what is the result of your last road trip? What did you think of your road trip in Gaspésie? What are your main sources of expenses?

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