Feedback on M1 Pro and M1 Max processors is excellent

M1 Pro


As expected, the specialized blog AnandTech took advantage of its audience to conduct an informed test of the M1 Pro and M1 Max, just a few days after studying the case of the A15 on iPhone 13.

It turns out that the performance of both components is indeed better than ever, well beyond their previous generation. The M1 Pro, for example, achieves a maximum clock rate of 3.23 GHz depending on which cores are activated. Remember that the part is based here on a graphics card with sixteen cores and on a proprietary Neural Engine artificial intelligence engine.

The M1 Max is also doing very well with fifty-seven billion transistors under the hood. The GPU was thus running at 1296 MHz during the evaluation ofAnandTech, with 408 GB per second of bandwidth. Just that.

To see the full details of the statistics (technical data), it’s right here.

Expert opinion

Steven sinofsky

The old boss of Windows think for its part that the M1 Pro and M1 Max chips from Apple are quite simply a step forward “major[e]”In the IT world. For him, this is moreover “that the beginning”A long adventure of success and Cupertino should take advantage of it to continue to grab market share from Microsoft.

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Jean-Louis Gassee

Renewing his confidence in ARM technology on Mac, which he had already mentioned in the past, the former boss of Apple in France is also looking for serious success. For him, the M1 Pro and the M1 Max are thus not just an update of the M1 which equips the iMac with twenty-four inches but rather “incredibly muscular engines“. The computer scientist emphasizes in particular on his blog that the M1 Pro goes to 33.7 billion transistors against 16 for the M1.

Alder Lake is ahead

Unfortunately, as stated Seeking Alpha, the M1 Max processor would remain far behind the Alder Lake CPU that Intel is currently developing. However, this is not yet available on the market, which makes it possible to qualify. The site even takes it one step further, and believes the GPU can’t do better than manufacturer Nvidia, either.

The media specifies all the same that it is above all a vision of investor, in the long term therefore, facing the shadow of the recent problems of the founder TSMC. This is the Taiwanese subcontractor assembling Apple’s chips, the victim of serious delays.

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