Fernanda Castillo reappears breastfeeding her son and talks about the beautiful stage she is going through

Madre de Fernanda Castillo confirma que la actriz estuvo muy grave

Fernanda Castillo.

Photo: Archive / Reform Agency

After spending several days in the hospital for postpartum complications, Fernanda Castillo She reappeared on social media with her baby, and shared how her experience was while breastfeeding.

The actress, who is remembered for her successful participation in series, cinema and television, showed that she is already in better health, so, with a photograph in which she appeared breastfeeding her son LíamHe took the opportunity to talk about this beautiful stage he is going through.

I had heard so much about breastfeeding difficulties that I was very scared of what my process would be like. It is true, it is a huge challenge that each mother must decide how to face“Was how the message of the star of ‘The Lord of the Skies’ began.

The 38-year-old actress confessed that, in her case, this process involves sacrifice and sometimes pain: “Dealing with frustration, with change, but it also gives you the opportunity to learn to listen to yourself, to listen to what each woman and her baby need to be well, learn to flow or let go when things do not happen as you thought, to accept and venerate your body for what it can do“, Highlighting that in particular, this stage has given her the gift of connecting in a very deep way with her son and with herself while feeding him.

He also referred to the experience he lived on January 11, when he had to go to the hospital emergency and where he made sure, he was about to die since he suffered an obstetric hemorrhage that caused two heart attacks.

In the most difficult moments since Liam was born, the desire to feed him and hold him with my chest has been what has kept me going“, wrote Castle.

Before ending the message that has about 500 thousand red hearts and more than 5 thousand comments with expressions of affection, he dedicated a few words to all the mothers who are going through this complex and at the same time wonderful process of feeding their babies:In what you live and in what you feel, you are not alone! It’s hard, but we can! #Breastfeeding”.


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