Few users willing to repair their iPhone themselves?

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CIRP, for Consumer Intelligence Research Partners, is a firm specializing in the study of the various trends concerning the mobile market and more precisely that of the iPhone. Recently, its statistics have been able to teach us that 30% of buyers of these Apple products are ready to give them away when they no longer suit them, rather than repairing them.


New figures shared this week go a little further. Out of more than two hundred respondents to a survey carried out in the United States (the French market is therefore not concerned, but its behavior is relatively similar), we learn that nearly two-thirds have a screen in “perfect” working condition. So many people who, in theory, should therefore not use the tools to repair the slab that Apple intends to market soon to its customers directly.


The firm has just announced that authorized repairers will no longer be the only ones able to perform part replacements on iPhones without breaching the warranty. because ordinary consumers, too, will be able to take advantage of this advantage by next year in the United States. Other countries will follow, but it is not yet known whether France will be affected or when precisely.

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Other eligible components include the battery. Element of contention for several years at Apple, its qualities have however improved since the manufacturer was condemned for a semblance of planned obsolescence in this regard. This is also what the CIRP questionnaire also wants to demonstrate, which ensures in its results that “only” 40% of those questioned have an iPhone that does not last all day. An audience that should therefore perhaps be in the target of the new program self-service, but which is not in the majority.


For Mike Levin, co-founder of CIRP, the synthesis of these numbers is clear: ”at best, a small fraction of buyers could delay buying a new iPhone by repairing an old laptop through the stand-alone replacement program.“, Which is all the same good news for the turnover of the Cupertino services section. A finding confirmed by the attractions of more powerful processors and larger internal storage capacities.

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