Fifty Million iPhones Delivered By New Year

Feu d'artifice

Daniel Ives, a Wedbush Securities analyst who already predicts Apple will sell a quarter of a billion iPhones in 2021, believes the bulk of that figure will be achieved in just a few weeks. Just during Black Friday, which we remember began yesterday and continues to offer promotions at the moment, ten million units have thus found a buyer.

These estimates are not the only ones made by the researcher, who also ensures that forty million more of these products will be sold until Christmas. However, the iPhone 13 data sheet does not improve drastically if we compare it to the previous generation, but many had already skipped the latter for the same reason and therefore find themselves with a good excuse to update.

Record year in sight

From January to September, Apple has continued to set records with revenues never seen before, and this with each announcement of its quarterly results. The holiday season is usually the most prolific for the brand, so it’s a safe bet that the situation will repeat itself this winter.

The AAPL action, meanwhile, is currently trading around 156.8 dollars (or about 138.7 euros) after an ATH beyond the top ten on Monday. In your opinion, how far can this crazy success, which seems unstoppable, continue to grow?

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