Fight for Twitter! Elon Musk criticizes Binance for problems with Dogecoin withdrawals, CZ responds

Fight for Twitter!  Elon Musk criticizes Binance for problems with Dogecoin withdrawals, CZ responds

Fight for Twitter! Elon Musk criticizes Binance for problems with Dogecoin withdrawals, CZ responds By Daily EditorBitcoin

The CEO of Binance counters Elon Musk on Twitter for mentioning some problems with his wallet. Dogecoin


The CEO of Tesla and SpaceX, Elon Musk, one of the biggest fans of Dogecoin of the world and who always tweets about it, took to the social network again today to raise problems related to withdrawals of DOGE on Binance.

After tagging the CEO of Binance, Changpeng Zhao (CZ) in a tweet that alluded to a news story from Coindesk, Musk wrote: “What is happening with your Doge customers? It sounds murky. “

The official Twitter account of Binance it took him about 30 minutes to reply, arguing that there is nothing shady about this. In this regard, the company posted again on Twitter: “The root cause is a technical issue during the recent update process that caused old transactions to be resent to 1,674 users,” said Binance.

Hey @elonmusk – no not murky – just frustrating and we are working on it – details here. (and post a thread)

As a result of the problem, some users of Binance have received old transactions, while some were unable to withdraw their Dogecoin. “We have kindly asked those who receive the old transactions to return them, but we are aware that some selected users have problems accessing some of the wallets”, said Binance.

It only happened in Binance

The exchange went on to say that the problem occurred exclusively on Binance, Since the platform has a “Different technical wallet setup for DOGE.” To solve the problem, Binance you will have to rebuild the wallet completely, what i could take “A week or so”said the firm.

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The CEO of Tesla did not seem satisfied. Continuous saying on Twitter:Doge holders using Binance must be protected from mistakes that are not their fault “. Musk too quoted a thread from Dogecoin Developers (Dogecoin developers) on Nov 11 explaining that the problem started “A little over a year ago.”

Providing some clarification on the Binance situation: 1) Just over a year ago, Binance notified us that they had stuck transactions. These transactions were not shown to us, but it was suggested that they were ‘stuck’ due to insufficient fees …

CZ talks about the Doge wallet

CZ later joined the thread, stating that the issue is related to the “Last Doge wallet”. “We are in communication with the developers”added.

But also, as a way to confront Musk, CZ referred to a report from The Guardian that the software Tesla experienced a failure in October, leading to the safety recall of approximately 12,000 vehicles in the United States. Tesla finally had to cancel the update on those vehicles to fix the problem.

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“Elon, we’re pretty sure it’s a problem with the latest #doge wallet. We are in communication with the developers. Apologies for any inconvenience that may have caused you. What happened here?”, and there he cited the article by The Guardian.

The article of Coindesk

The original text of Coindesk, on which the controversy was mounted in Twitter, had no relation to Doge. It was about CZ saying in an interview today that Binance is in preliminary discussions with “various” sovereign wealth funds about investing in its global entity.

Zhao hopes that the “Perception and relationships” from Binance with regulators around the world improve if sovereign wealth funds take a stake in the company, according to the report. “But it can also link us to specific countries … with which we want to be a little careful”Zhao said.

BinanceFurthermore, today announced a new company in Ireland: Binance Exchange, believed to be the headquarters of the exchange.

By the way, perhaps the debate on Twitter opened a small window to the price of Doge, which today experiences a slight increase of 3.51% in an almost generalized scenario of decline. CryptoMarkets also reveals an increase of 2.33% for Binance Coin.

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