Filtered out! This is the new Ford Mondeo: Will we see it here?

Filtered out! This is the new Ford Mondeo: Will we see it here?

The Ford mondeo It will disappear from the European market in March 2022. For now we do not know what the plans of the blue oval company in the Old Continent are regarding this model, but leaked images of a new generation arrive from China. The question is, will we see it in Europe?

It is too early to say, since the Ford Evos has more ballots to get it. Halfway between a liftback, a crossover and a conventional car, the new Ford Evos mixes concepts as is the case with the Citroën C5 X to capture the attention of users and sell many units.

The Ford Mondeo will share numerous elements in the Chinese market with the leaked Lincoln Zephyr as well.

What do we know about this Ford Mondeo?

Images released by the Chinese Ministry of Industry and Information Technology reveal a saloon with a design that combines essential features of the Mustang Mach-E and the Evos. With a three-volume body, it measures 4,935 mm long, making it 66mm longer than the current model.

Photos show the ST-Line finish, featuring sportier elements, black lacquered details, a two-tone exterior and a large rear diffuser. The leak reveals various customization options depending on the trim level. The inscription on the boot reveals that it will retain its name, at least in China.

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The specimen in the photos equips 19 inch wheels with 235/45 tires and has a 2,945 mm wheelbase. The leak also confirms that the new Mondeo will be sold with a 2.0-liter gasoline engine in the Asian country, with 235 hp (175 kilowatts) of power.

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