Finally better selfies thanks to the new iPhone 14

iPhone 14 Pro concept

At the time of the democratization of teleworking, those who choose to switch to digital nomad mode are no longer rare in search of better tax advantages or adventure. In these cases, it happens that an unexpected phone call surprises us on the move. And what better than video calls to pick up while offering his most beautiful smile to his interlocutor?

Except that even with the iPhone 13 Pro Max, you risk wasting the few seconds spent putting on your makeup. Indeed, the front camera of the device is much less provided than that found on the back, but Apple would have just decided to think about it. In any case, this is what Ming Chi Kuoexpert analyst of the apple brand.

What should change this year

The Taiwanese indeed thinks that Cupertino will offer theauto focus for FaceTimeand that this would happen with the iPhone 14. An advantage which would therefore not be reserved for Pro models, but which would concern the four products probably planned for 2022. As a reminder, these would be two editions with a slab of 6, 1 inch and two more with this time 6.7 inches on the clock.

Second good point: the aperture, which would go from f/2.2 to f/1.9 with the logical consequence of more successful shots in low light situations. To do this, there are also other dedicated software settings such as Night mode, but technical support is always welcome.

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Behind the scenes

For the moment, the exact characteristics of the camera that will equip future iPhones are still unknown. However, it is rumored that some components will come straight from Jahwa’s Korean factories; OIS stabilizers. At the end of the chain, it is then sony who should sign the assembly under the Exmor brand. It has been found for several generations at Apple and its results in terms of imaging are regularly praised by critics, especially at DxOMark.

The iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Max, iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max will unsurprisingly be made official during a keynote in september. Their names are of course not definitive either, but the conference will be an opportunity to remove doubt on most of these hypotheses.

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