finally less imposing with the future iPhone 13?

iPhone 12 encoche

As usual, the Asian media Mac Otakara Once again we revel in clues about the next devices signed Apple even before their official release. This time it is thereforeiPhone 13 it is about. Expected by the end of the year, it could thus be entitled to a much awaited improvement on the side of its front.

Indeed, the latter is always decked out with an imposing notch accommodating the front sensors including the camera TrueDepth essential for the proper functioning of Face ID. Competitors, such as Oppo or Huawei, prefer the so-called “punch” or “popup” cameras, which are less annoying on a daily basis when it comes to taking advantage of the entire diagonal of the screen (series, gaming, multitask).


Apple would consider reduce the width of this notch, without however making it disappear completely for the moment. It would therefore remain a distinctive sign of the iPhone, which seems to be the only high-end mobile phones to retain this appearance that other manufacturers are trying to pass off as obsolete.

To achieve such an assembly, the Cupertino subcontractors would then be instructed to install the front speaker just above the proximity sensor and the four other components positioned at the top of the Retina screen. A good idea, according to you? This had already surfaced ahead of the launch of the iPhone 12.

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