Finally, three-nanometer chips on the way to Apple

Apple Silicon

DigiTimes reporting. The Taiwanese media reports in a new article that TSMC has signed with Apple to design processors engraved with a precision of three nanometers. According to the newspaper, this contract would aim to produce M2 Pro or M3 chips. Names not yet confirmed by the firm at the apple, but which seem to correspond to its nomenclature of the moment.

As a reminder, the M1 Pro chip is the one currently found in the 14-inch MacBook Pro or its 16-inch big brother, both with a notch at the top of the screen. As for the M2 chip, it is the one reserved for the MacBook Air and the 13-inch MacBook Pro presented at the Worldwide Developer Conference 2022 in early June.

Competition in Asia

Samsung and Intel are also working on three-nanometer engraving processes, according to DigiTimes. The first markets its own portable computers similar to Macs but under Microsoft Windows, while the second is the privileged partner of many third-party manufacturers for the motherboard. But this is no longer the case with Apple, which now offers its own ARM architecture assembled by TSMC.

According to other information signed Mark Gurman, the M2 Pro chip would be intended for both Macbook Pro unveiled at the end of 2021, but not only. A new generation Mac mini embedding the component thus seems in the boxes. As for the M3, it would power a 13-inch MacBook Air (no notch?), the famous 15-inch MacBook Air, a “classic” MacBook and an iMac.

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And the iPhone 14?

Unfortunately, the three-nanometer engraving technology does not yet appear ready for the iPhone 14 or the iPhone 14 Pro. Instead, TSMC could offer a chip A16 Bionic with still five nanometers at the counter. Blame it, pell-mell, on the shortage of eastern processors and the slowdowns caused by the coronavirus crisis in recent semesters.

Apple’s flagship mobiles are not the only victims: with its Apple Watch Series 8, Cupertino could also retain the same finesse as the two previous models. To learn more about this case, it’s right here.

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