Find out which is the favorite junk food of each state

Descubre cuál es la comida chatarra favorita de cada estado

Packaged junk food is a favorite of many at some point in the office work day. Chips, cookies, sweets and chocolates that are happily obtained from the vending machines or that we take from the store in the free hour.

Just as there are famous and popular dishes in some regions, the same goes for sandwiches. Zippia’s professional advice website found out which is the favorite junk in each state.

Usually, sweet sandwiches are the favorites, outnumber salty snacks with 29 states.

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The most loved ones were the Oreo cookies, are preferred in 5 states, Connecticut, Hawaii, Maryland, New Jersey and Virginia prefer the cream filled waffle sandwich.

In Missouri, Grandma’s Cookies (grandma’s cookies) are favorites.

Salty and spicy chips and snacks such as Fritos, Doritos and Cheetos are also among the favorites on the map. Instead, the Butterfingers, Hi-Chews, MMs, Reese’s and Twizzlers did not turn out to be favorites in any state.

Among the curious, in Alaska seem to be more concerned about their health and opt for granola bars instead of sweet and fried.

Find out which is the favorite junk food of each state
Photo: Natthapat Aphichayananthanakul / Pixabay

Meanwhile in North Dakota and Wyoming are getting benefits from fiber and vitamin E with sunflower seeds, How healthy are your favorite snacks!

Louisiana prefers to eat sweets with peanuts so PayDays are their favorites.

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Find out which is the favorite junk food of each state
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In California the favorite junk has a cheese flavor, Cheetos.

Zippia obtained the information by examining Google Trends data including 45 different favorite snacks to discover which were the most popular in which states.

Find out which is the favorite junk food of each state

Here is the complete list of each state’s favorite sweets and snacks:

Alabama-Ruffles; Alaska-Granola bars; Arizona-Cheez Its; Arkansas-Doritos; California-Cheetos; Colorado-Cosmic Brownies; Connecticut-Oreos; Delaware-Fritos; Florida-Mini Donuts; Georgia-Lays chips; Hawaii-Oreo; Idaho-Cliff Bars; Illinois-Skinny Pop; Indiana-Pringles; Iowa-Pringles; Kansas-Nutter Butter; Kentucky-Fried; Louisiana-PayDay; Maine-Ritz Crackers; Maryland-Oreos; Massachusetts-Crunch Bar; Michigan-Sour Patch Kids; Minnesota-Snickers; Mississippi-Twinkie; Missouri-Grandma’s Cookies; Montana-Rice Krispy Treats; Nebraska-Fried; Nevada-Kit Kat; New Hampshire-Almond Joy; New Jersey-Oreo; New Mexico-Beef Jerky; New York-Chips Ahoy; North Carolina-Starburst; North Dakota-Sunflower venues; Ohio-Starburst; Oklahoma-Sour Patch Kids; Oregon-Kettle chips; Pennsylvania-Hershey’s; Rhode Island-Ritz Crackers; South Carolina-Salt And Vinegar Chips; South Dakota-Milky Way; Tennessee-Baby Ruth; Texas-Funyuns; Utah-3 Musketeers; Vermont-Muffins; Virginia Oreos; Washington-Cheez Its; West Virginia-Lays; Wisconsin-Twix; and Wyoming-Sunflower venues.

What is your favorite junk food?


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