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Apple Watch Series 7 comparaison

A week after the launch of pre-orders, the Apple Watch Series 7 is finally arriving in stores.

At the same time, the first buyers to order are delivered today. Some journalists and YouTubers have already received their copy. We have seen in this article what their return on the beast was. On the general public side, there have also already been a few lucky ones enjoying a time zone advantageous over the rest of the world, such as New Zealand and Australia.

Overall, what particularly attracted attention from the early testers was the Apple Watch Series 7 new screen size. The latter is larger than on the Apple Watch Series 8. It is also one of the only changes to note for this new generation of Apple watch, given that many ingredients have remained the same one year to year, especially the processor chip. All the same, several journalists conclude in their test that this is the best Apple Watch ever produced by Apple, more solid than ever, but also more comfortable to use than any other current or old model.

It is true that the screen of this new watch, even if barely larger than on the old versions, seems quite pleasant to use. Note all the same that the Apple Watch Series 7 offers some interesting evolutions in addition to that, faster charging, full software keyboard in watchOS, better screen brightness and new finishes and colors of the case.

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What is the state of the stocks?

Rumors had announced it before its release that Apple was unable to garner large stocks for its Apple Watch Series 7. As a result, delivery times quickly lengthened. Depending on the models, you have to wait until December to receive your copy. Here are some examples of delivery times:

  • Apple Watch Series 7 41 mm aluminum case (GPS version): 6 to 7 weeks delivery
  • Apple Watch Series 7 45 mm aluminum case (GPS + Cellular version): 6 to 7 weeks delivery
  • Apple Watch Series 7 41 mm stainless steel case (GPS version): 4 to 5 weeks delivery
  • Apple Watch Series 7 45 mm stainless steel case (GPS version): 6 to 7 weeks delivery
  • Apple Watch Series 7 41 mm titanium case (GPS + Cellular version): 5 to 6 weeks

If you want to buy an Apple Watch Series 7, we therefore advise you for now to avoid the Apple online store with delivery. Instead, try one of these solutions:

  • Buy the watch on the Apple website, but with pick up in store
  • Go to the Apple Store for a in-store purchase
  • Go to a third-party physical reseller (Darty, La Fnac, Boulanger, Apple reseller, etc.)
  • Buy the watch online at a third-party reseller (Amazon, Cdiscount, Boulanger, Darty, etc.)

Regarding the last solution, we noticed that some watches unavailable at Apple are delivered much faster than at Apple. This is the case with Boulanger, but also with others.

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In any case, do not hesitate to let us know your delivery times, and if you have already received your new Watch Series 7, give us your impressions!

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