First details BMW 7 Series 2023: simply promising

First details BMW 7 Series 2023: simply promising

It will be in the next month of April when the Bavarian firm reveals all the details of the BMW 7 Series 2023. It will make it through the expected BMW i7 fully electric. On the occasion of the BMW Group Annual Conference, Frank Weber, Member of the Board of Management of BMW AG for Development, has given us new details of the future BMW 7 Series.

The focus is initially on technology highlights, a new front end design based on characteristic BMW design cues, and a unique interior experience made up of digital elements and exclusive materials. As Weber points out, “the new BMW 7 Series is absolutely pioneer in all aspects«.

First details BMW 7 Series 2023: simply promising

What do we know about the 2023 BMW 7 Series?

The BMW i7 will be the most powerful BMW 7 Series. It will combine the best driving experience with the ultimate digital experience. In the BMW i7, the characteristic design elements of the BMW grille and twin round headlights have been completely reinterpreted for a modern and distinctive look.

Some of the special design statements are the unique glass upper lighting elements and the illuminated kidney grille surround. Inside, the focus is on the innovative user experience created with the new My Modes and the latest generation of the iDrive operating system.

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First details BMW 7 Series 2023: simply promising

My Modes allow the driver to precisely customize the vehicle’s driving characteristics and interior environment. Besides of BMW Curved Displaya new type of luminous and functional strip on the instrument panel and on the doors provides a visual and tactile quality that is as modern as it is exclusive.

The BMW Interaction Bar it is part of the ambient lighting and also has integrated control buttons. In addition, the panoramic glass roof sky loungenewly developed, contributes to the feeling of spaciousness, modernity and well-being that reigns in the interior of the new BMW 7 Series, with individually adjustable LED light strings.

First details BMW 7 Series 2023: simply promising

The rear of the BMW i7 offers extraordinary ride comfort and sets new entertainment standards by delivering a unique cinematic experience. The BMW Theater ScreenRolling out of the headliner, , is an ultra-wide display with a 31-inch screen, 32:9 widescreen format, and 8K broadcast resolution.

Turn the rear seats into an exclusive private movie theater in which passengers can select their personal entertainment program from a wide range of streaming and enjoy watching it while driving in the new high-end models from BMW. It sure looks really promising…

Under the skin of the BMW 7 Series 2023

The suspension components, steering and braking systems, as well as driving dynamics and stability systems developed for the future generation of the BMW 7 Series are designed to raise a top level the balance between sportiness and ride comfort so typical of the brand’s luxury sedans.

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This also includes a set-up of the suspension, with springs, shock absorbers and the various performance-oriented regulation systems to adapt to all kinds of circumstances. They all underwent intensive tests in Arjeplog under extreme weather conditions. In the i7, the dual-motor xDrive system is shared with the iX.

First details BMW 7 Series 2023: simply promising

Engineers use the surface of frozen lakes for testing. With their low coefficient of friction, they achieve a particularly precise adjustment of suspension control systems. The address undergoes a intensive set-upas well as the functions of the DSC.

No less important is the meticulously regulated interaction between the hydraulic friction brake and the deceleration achieved through regenerative braking. The winter program also focuses in particular on the components of the fully electric drive system.

The electric drive, high-voltage battery, power electronics and charging technology of the BMW i7 correspond to the fifth generation of BMW eDrive technology, the same as on the iX. That means that we will find several power options and a more than reasonable autonomy.

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