First he was a footballer, then an actor and driver, now Arturo Carmona launches himself as a politician

Primero fue futbolista, luego actor y conductor, ahora Arturo Carmona se lanza como político

In his youth he was a footballer, then he jumped to the theater and from there to television, in 2021 Arturo Carmona It will debut in a new scenario: that of politics.

With the backing of the PRI, the actor registered last Saturday as a pre-candidate for Federal Deputy for District 1, of Guadalupe, Nuevo León.

Many people say: you are not a politician, what do you know about politics? I am definitely not a politician nor do I pretend to be, I want to be a public servant, who is a citizen and understands their needs (of the people)“, Indicated Carmona.

To finalize his candidacy, he added, he will have to wait a week to receive his proof, as long as there are no other contenders for that same election position.

I have this aspiration for many years“Said the actor. “It is not the first time that I have been invited to a political position, at this moment I made the decision because I think it was the right one due to the maturity that I have at this age (44 years). I thought about him a lot because I am making a very radical change of professionHe added.

He clarified that he does not belong to the PRI, but for his candidacy he needs the support of a party.

For his pre-candidacy, said the neighbor of San Nicolás, he has relied on Cristina Díaz, current Mayor of Guadalupe, and Adrián de la Garza, who is running for the Governor of Nuevo León.

I hope people see that I am a citizen and that I intend to be their candidate to solve the needs that we have“.

The actor, who would change his residence to Guadalupe if he was successful in the elections, said that his priority issues are security, education and work.


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