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Concept Apple Car

It’s no longer a secret: Apple is preparing its own smart car. At best it will be autonomous and electric, at worst it would only be a software interface to the CarPlay that other manufacturers would have the freedom to appropriate. And if the rumors shared here and there by various analysts try to teach us more about the beast, the patents filed by its manufacturer are much more credible.

Of course, it is impossible to know if Apple will indeed market the technologies it registers to avoid plagiarism. But based on these drawings can still get an idea of ​​what the automobile could possibly look like. To be sure, Vanarama, a kind of leasing Drivy, has produced a rather striking concept of the car …

Apple Car Concept

© Vanarama


As you can see in these images, we recognize curves quite similar to those of the Cybertruck pickup unveiled by Tesla about two years ago, although very relative if we compare them to the masterpieces that can be the other Apple products like the iMac or the iPad Pro. At the front, there is an imposing filtration grid reminiscent of that of certain German models, while the head logo is obviously affixed to each side.

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The door handles, meanwhile, are inspired by the buttons installed on the side of some Cupertino mobile devices, while the white color is directly inspired by that of the iPhone 4. Inside, the cabin is also all in minimalism with a particularly futuristic steering wheel and an XXL on-board screen where all the information essential to navigation is displayed.

Apple Car ConceptApple Car Concept

© Vanarama


Obviously, this little car therefore has all the apps useful to the driver on the road, including widgets to personalize (as on iOS 15), the phone to make calls, messages or even the Apple Music catalog. The seat controls, too, can be controlled from this interface. Finally, the Siri voice assistant is also on hand to call out to the system orally, so as to distract the driver less.

How much would you be prepared to pay to afford such a vehicle, if it really existed?

Apple Car ConceptApple Car Concept

© Vanarama

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