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Apple Macbook Pro 2022 M2

It’s done: the first testers of the MacBook Pro M2 unveiled in early June have begun to share their feedback with us, starting with our colleagues from in France. As for the benefits, the site notably reports a Powerful “breathtaking for the new generation processor which is embedded in the device, but not only. Indeed, the autonomy of the product is also excellent, which will probably make it your best travel companion at work.

With this, there is also a very good screen quality. With a diagonal of 13.3 inches, it can display up to a billion different colors according to official data published by the manufacturer. The definition is 2,560 by 1,664 pixels, but this without a notch, unlike the 14-inch MacBook Pro and its 16-inch version, which also arrived on the market in 2021.

An unchanged design

Unfortunately, as again pointed out, the general appearance of the MacBook Pro M2 has therefore not changed one millimeter. We therefore remain on identical dimensionss and on fairly wide borders around the display, which is quite a shame when you know that the MacBook Air has indeed been entitled to a makeover with its version under the M2 chip.

These figures translate to a length of 30.41 cm by 21.24 cm wide and 1.56 cm high. The MacBook Pro M2 therefore remains an excellent choice to take up minimal space in your bag. It does not, however, ship only two USB-C ports and no MagSafe, this means that one of the universal sockets must be used to recharge the machine. If you plan to navigate between several offices and use external screens like the Studio Display, you will therefore probably have to invest in wired accessories.

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The MacBook Pro M2 questions

Despite an ergonomic and particularly fluid operating system on a daily basis, the MacBook Pro M2 only offers a 720p FaceTime HD sensor quite unwelcome in the age of teleworking. Thereby, according TechCrunch, this computer is surprising when you know that the MacBook Air M2 does better on this point and that its technical data sheet is generally very close. It makes you wonder how the article is positioned on the market…

The MacBook Pro M2 is offered in two colors from 1,599 euro.

MacBook Pro 13″ M2 512 GB at the best price Base price: €1,829

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