FixedFloat: the best way to exchange bitcoin for cryptocurrencies

Exchange FIxed Float, choice of currency, amount and address.

Key facts:
  • Using FixedFloat is as simple as sending BTC to one address and receiving crypto to another.

  • No need to create accounts or go through know-your-customer (KYC) checks

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FixedFloat is an exchange that specializes in doing one thing and does it very well: exchange bitcoin (BTC) for cryptocurrencies like Tether (USDT) or Binance Coin (BNB) and vice versa in a few minutes, without account registration. or delivery of data for KYC, and without losing control of your money.

In this type of exchange you will not be able to leverage, or bet on the rise or fall, simply change your money to or from BTC as easily as possible.

How to use FixedFloat to exchange bitcoin for cryptocurrencies

Using FixedFloat is very simple, you just have to choose the currency you want to exchange on the left side and the one you need to receive on the right side. Then the amount to be sent (changed) is placed, which will show an approximate amount to be received.

If you want to guarantee that this amount will be received, you must choose Fixed Rate (fixed rate)otherwise the default option is chosen Float Rate (floating/variable rate).

Finally, the address of the currency to be received is entered, it is verified at least 3 times (as a security measure) and then the operation is advanced in «Exchange Now».

Exchange FIxed Float, choice of currency, amount and address.
Currency, amount and address selection screen. If you click on the amount, the
Minimum and maximum amounts (liquidity) available per cryptocurrency. Source: Screenshot / CriptoNoticias.

On the next screen the details of the exchange will be displayed and an address of the cryptocurrency chosen by the user to be exchanged will be given, along with the exact amount to be sent. It is important to verify the information shown on this screen, as it is final.

Once the information is verified, the exact amount is sent (it has to be exact) and the interface will display the incoming transaction information with the number of current confirmations. As soon as the number of necessary confirmations is reached, the agreed money (depending on the rate) will be sent to the receiving address placed.

Exchange Fixed Float, waiting for deposit and confirmation with BTC and USDT.
Deposit waiting screen and confirmation. The information must be confirmed very well before sending money; that the receiving address is correct, above all. Then waiting for confirmations. Source: Screenshot / CriptoNoticias.

The payment transaction can be confirmed by the user, since the platform throws all the data for identification. It also provides links to different block explorers for monitoring. In case of delivering an email, the operation can also be monitored in this way; clearly this reduces user privacy.

It is a good security practice to wait for confirmations on the network before terminating the exchange, because in cases like Bitcoin, transactions are sent with the RBF (replacement by commission) feature, which allows the sending to be modified even before the first confirmation. .

Exchange Fixed Float, money sent from BTC and USDT.
Done, money sent. Once on this screen, you will be able to see transaction information and links to the different block explorers for verification. Source: Screenshot / CriptoNoticias.

How are the commissions and liquidity at FixedFloat?

FixedFloat has a fairly simple commission or fee policy for trading:

  • Fixed Rate: under this policy, the exchange price between the selected cryptocurrency pairs is fixed for 10 minutes at the moment of clicking the “Exchange Now” button. For this advantage, the site charges 1% of the amount changed.
  • Float Rate (variable rate): using this option, the exchange price is fixed at the moment when the submitted transaction gets the necessary number of confirmations; probably different from the one shown when starting the operation. The site charges 0.5% of the amount under this modality.

In terms of liquidity, it must be clear that this it is not a site for millionaire exchanges, such as Binance or Coinbase. Trades on this platform range from a few tens to a few thousand dollars.

At the time of writing this article, the amount of money available to change varies between 100,000 dollars and almost a million, depending on the chosen cryptocurrency. Thus, for example, to exchange Ethereum there is an availability of 45 ETH; for Bitcoin there are 3.3 BTC; and for Tether, the most used, there is a liquidity of 600,000 USDT between the four available networks (ERC20, BEP2, BEP20 and TRC20).

Cryptocurrencies and bitcoin lightning at FixedFloat

Among the cryptocurrencies that you can get on this site, in addition to bitcoin, are Ethereum (ETH), Monero (XMR), 0x, BAT, BNB, Binance USD, Cardano (ADA), DAI, Dash, Dogecoin, Shiba Inu, Polygon, PancakeSwap, Maker, Ripple (XRP), Stellar (XLM), Pax Dollar, Terra USD, Tezos (XTZ), Tron, TrueUSD, USDC, Zcash (ZEC), and Tether. Several of them are available on different networks.

Besides, there is the possibility of using the payment layer of Bitcoin, Lightning, to make the exchanges. In this case, although the speed of the tool is used, the liquidity for exchange decreases dramatically. For this item only 0.18 BTC was available via Lightning.

Exchange Fixed Float, Lightning for fast payments.
Technology for fast and instant payments Lightning is also available in FixedFloat to make exchanges with bitcoin. Source: Screenshot / CriptoNoticias.

It often happens that some cryptocurrency is deactivated due to problems with the networks or their high commissions, as was the case recently in Ethereum. Therefore, if there are no alternative networks for the asset, another exchange must be used to make the exchange.


FixedFloat is the place to go, if you want to exchange a few cryptocurrencies for BTC or vice versa. It’s fast, it’s secure, it’s verifiable, and it’s just as convenient and easy to use as buying or selling bitcoin to someone in person—a simple exchange of addresses and money. Some users even compare it to ShapeShift in 2015 “when it was cool.”

The site has been in operation for more than 3 years, is translated into Spanishworks correctly in desktop and mobile versions, and has good recommendations on platforms such as TrustPilot and even on the favorite site of bitcoiners, BitcoinTalk.

The support has a lot to do with achieving these recommendations, since since its creation they have listened to users to make improvements both in the platform and in the coin supply. Also, when you have a problem, all you have to do is open the chat button that floats at the bottom right of the site and describe it to get help in minutes, 24/7. The only limitation: it is only in english.

Although its liquidity does not compare to that of exchanges such as Binance or Coinbase, it is enough for everyday trades. In addition, it has several of the most used cryptocurrencies on the market, and it has the most advanced technology in the case of Bitcoin (Lightning), so its usefulness is guaranteed.

Commissions of 0.5 to 1% of the amount might seem high for those who are used to trading on specialized platforms, but you have to keep in mind the advantages and the type of use of FixedFloat to make the comparison: this site does not charge commissions for deposits or withdrawals, it does not need account creation or KYC, it does not take control of your money at any time. Viewed this way, it seems more than fair what they charge for the Rare and great service they offer.

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