Flurone cases on the rise in children, but doctors say it’s not new

No hay nada mejor que vacunar a los niños de Covid y de influenza.

There is nothing better than vaccinating children against Covid and influenza.

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2022 began with an extremely gloomy and somewhat uncertain outlook regarding the issue of the Covid pandemic, due to to the exponential increase in positive cases of coronavirus caused by Omicron but also for a topic that has taken over the agenda and social networks: Flurone.

Surely you have already heard or seen the term Flurona, which is used to refer to the disease that some people in some parts of the world, including the United States, are suffering after having contracted the flu virus and Covid at the same time.

According to health experts, The cases of Flurona had been seen coming for weeks because the winter season always presents the big flu peaks and this year it has coincided with the increase in cases of coronavirus caused by Ómicron.

Although it seems that the Flurona issue is something derived from the pandemic, in reality it is not. Dr. Panagis Galiatsatos, a specialist in pulmonary and intensive care medicine and an assistant professor at the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, explained that Co-infections with Covid have been documented for some time and that in addition, these are not dangerous.

In fact, Dr. Hopkins assured that he has seen bacterial and fungal infections at the same time in patients with Covid, indicating that it is possible to contract several viruses at the same time, especially when the way in which they are contracted is similar.

“When we talk about contracting a virus through the air, it is not that all viruses are produced in the same way. With some viruses it is necessary to inhale quite high amounts of viral load before even becoming infected, such as the flu virus; other viruses like the coronavirus are not so similar, “added the doctor.

According to Hopkins, The increase in Flurona cases is due, in large part, to the fact that people had a great social amount in recent days and because of the high transmissibility of Ómicron.

“These airborne viruses require us to engage in social behavior, in which we are breathing other people’s air for quite long periods of time. Last year we had very strict restrictions on what we could do when we left, ”he said.

Because both viruses spread similarly, the symptoms are similar and therefore the diagnosis can be confused. That is why when faced with some serious symptoms such as coughing, breathing problems and fever, your doctor should be notified immediately so that you can receive the proper diagnosis.

Similarly, the specialist recommends taking some precautions at this time, including minimizing social activities, especially if they will be carried out indoors where air circulation is minimal, and keeping distance from other people.

To avoid this type of situation, it is also recommended to get vaccinated, both against influenza and Covid, and the latter, applying the booster dose.

What to do to avoid cases of Flurone in children?

The health authorities recommend as a priority that minors, between 5 and 17 years old, complete their Covid vaccination charts, and that those who are eligible for the booster dose also apply it.

Similarly, all children should receive the influenza vaccine.

In the case of children who cannot be vaccinated, either due to age or other medical issues, it is recommended that they only live with people who have already completed the vaccination chart, as well as implement all the health recommendations already issued, such as the social distancing and the use of a mask.

Finally, schools are also invited to implement protocols to ensure everyone’s safety, that is, to open classrooms if required, but also to have the option of following a distance education plan in these weeks.

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