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Focus on 6 tracking tools to measure the performance of your emails


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E-mail tracking is the art of analyzing the behavior of your recipients towards your e-mails. There are two families of solutions for tracking your emails, CRMs or dedicated tools.

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  • CRM Marketing type solutions include an e-mail tracking function allowing the monitoring of e-mails sent via the CRM Marketing platform in question.
  • E-mail tracking tools allow you to track e-mails sent with “general public” messaging (mainly Gmail, but some tools manage other messaging such as Outlook).

These are therefore two families of very different solutions. This article presents a few sample solutions for each of these categories to help you make your choice.

3 CRM Marketing solutions offering an advanced e-mail tracking function

Here are three solutions CRM Marketing natively offering an advanced e-mail tracking function to analyze the behavior of the recipients of your e-mailing campaigns.


Focus on 6 tracking tools to measure the performance of your emails

HubSpot offers a CRM Marketing solution that offers one of the modules ofe-mailing the most advanced. If you work in a B2B company, you’ve probably wondered who opens your emails, when do they do it, where do they click, etc. This information is essential to further improve your open rate. For this, HubSpot offers an email tracking tool that will save you valuable time and provide you with useful information to improve the customer experience and increase your open rate. HubSpot gives you the ability to track sent emails, then use that data to make informed decisions about your future communication and attitude to your contacts. The data captured is:

  • The open rate of your emails.
  • The number of openings per person.
  • The geographic area of ​​your recipients.
  • The click-through rate.
  • And more.

For example, HubSpot gives you the ability to know when your email was opened so that you can send a perfectly synchronized follow-up email. Sending the right type of emails to prospects at the right time is one of the best ways to increase your conversions. HubSpot also gives you insight into the actions your contacts are taking. Knowing if your contact opens an email is good, but getting a notification when they click on a specific link or CTA in your email is even better. At this point, following a contact is not only convenient, but also smart.

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Finally, HubSpot will provide you with valuable information about your contact and their overall engagement with your business. This then allows you to engage in meaningful conversations with him, to get to know him better and ultimately help you close more deals. This tool gives you the possibility to see a plethora of characteristics on your contact such as their profiles on social networks, their professional history or the history of your exchanges.

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  • You will be able to create, send and analyze up to 2000 emails per month, totally free.
  • Then, 3 packages are available to you depending on the number of your marketing contacts: Starter at 41 € / month, Pro at 740 € / month and Company at € 2,944 / month.
  • You will be able to test each of the plans for a period of 14 days to decide which one best suits your usage.


Focus on 6 tracking tools to measure the performance of your emails

Sendinblue is a French e-mailing software, which has become one of the leaders on the European market. This tool has a tracker which gives you the possibility to follow all the events and actions related to your contacts. It can help you identify when your recipients open an email or click a link. It will also flag when new or existing contacts submit a form or place an order from your website. More generally, the Sendinblue tracker does not only track emails. It offers you several ways to help you get to know your customers and see how they interact with your different marketing initiatives. If you want to carry out a SMS marketing, it also works.


  • Sendinblue offers a free version where you can send up to 600 emails per day, but with very limited statistics.
  • The package Lite at $ 19 per month won’t offer much more in terms of email tracking.
  • The package Essential at 29 € per month will allow you, in particular, to have access to a heat map and geolocated statistics.
  • Finally, the packages Premium (49 € / month) and Company (on request) will not give you much more detail in all of your statistics.


Focus on 6 tracking tools to measure the performance of your emails

Mailchimp is one of the leading tools in the emailing market. It has recently grown to offer additional marketing and automation options. Of course, Mailchimp offers comprehensive options for tracking your emails. The software will therefore tell you if your contacts have opened your email, who has opened it, and how many times. Rest assured, you will learn much more about the behavior of your contacts. How Mailchimp works to track your emails? It’s very simple: with each campaign sent, a graphic element is inserted in the body of the email. This beacon will be activated each time you open or take concrete action by your recipients and will inform you of this through a complete statistical report.

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  • On Mailchimp, you have 4 pricing options that mostly depend on the number of contacts you have. The first is the free option, but you won’t get detailed reports about your emails.
  • To take the tracking of your emails to the next level, opt for a package Essentials is $ 9.99 per month (up to 50,000 contacts and 500,000 emails per month).
  • Then there is the package Standard is $ 14.99 per month (up to 100,000 contacts and 1.2 million emails per month).
  • Finally, the package Premium is $ 299 (up to 200,000 contacts and over 3 million emails per month).

3 email tracking tools that are worth a look

Email trackers are extensions to install on your browser. They add a pixel to the body of the email you want to send in order to track and analyze opens from your recipients. Here are 3 email tracking tools you really should try.

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Focus on 6 tracking tools to measure the performance of your emails

To start, here is SalesHandy, a one-of-a-kind tool where you can plan and track the performance of your prospecting emails unlimited trading. Unlike other tools limited to Gmail, SalesHandy also tracks emails on Outlook. This tool will increase your email marketing productivity and results. You will receive an instant notification whenever an email is opened or whenever a link is clicked. On top of that, SalesHandy lets you create dynamic email templates and take them wherever you go.



  • You will be able to use SalesHandy for free with the ability to track an unlimited number of emails.
  • With the package Regular at $ 9 per user and per month, you will benefit from a customized domain name as well as mail merge.
  • Then there is the package More at $ 22 per user per month when auto-tracking is enabled.
  • Finally, the plan Enterprise at $ 49 per month per user will allow you to track your high volume campaigns.
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Focus on 6 tracking tools to measure the performance of your emails

MailTag allows you to add “tags” to your emails. These tags will send information back to you through your Google Chrome browser. This means you can track your link clicks, opens, and more. This tool allows you to see if your recipient has opened your email and how many times they have. MailTag generates comprehensive reports on the number of emails you sent on a specific date, and the total number of emails opened. But that’s not all: email scheduling, personalized signature generator, automated follow-up, etc. MailTag offers other useful features for your business. Finally, and it is important to clarify, despite the powerful mechanisms behind this extension, its design and interface are very easy to use.



  • After a 14-day free trial, you’ll need to shell out $ 9.99 per month per user to use MailTag. Track an unlimited number of emails, receive real-time notifications and benefit from a signature generator, among other things.


Focus on 6 tracking tools to measure the performance of your emails

MailTrack is a free extension for Google Chrome that lets you know if recipients have read the emails you have sent, via Gmail. Once you install the extension, it will run in the background. How? ‘Or’ What ? When you open Gmail, you will notice some read indicators that look like WhatsApp. For example, two green check marks indicate that a message has been read. On your side, you don’t have to do anything to know if your emails are read by the recipients or not. Note that this only works if you write them directly to Gmail. Tracking works using a pixel built into every email sent. When the recipient reads the email, the pixel is requested and MailTrack notifies you. It’s that simple.



  • You can use MailTrack for free, but your only feature is unlimited email tracking.
  • Then, you will have 3 possible choices: an annual, quarterly or monthly commitment. The prices are, respectively, € 4.99, € 6.90 and € 9.90 per month. Regarding the functionalities, they will be the same for the 3 plans (Support by phone, link tracker, statistical reports etc.).
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