Foldable MacBooks and iPhones yes, but not for three years

Concept iPhone pliable

A new report from DSCC (Display Supply Chain Consultants) assures that although Apple continues to work on a folding smartphone, this one should not be released before 2025. A date that is quite far off but which sticks with the habits of the brand, which often plans its products very far in advance. In this way, among other things, the company can verify that market expectations correspond to the technologies under development.

The advantage of flexible mobiles is to be able to offer a wide diagonal without taking up too much space in the user’s pocket. The downside, on the other hand, is the price, which to this day remains above a thousand euros with most manufacturers. So as much to say that for Apple, which is already positioned on prices high enough, the task is difficult.

The full-size laptop?

According to Ross Young, head of DSCC, Apple would also have looked into the question of the foldable tablet/computer, which is moreover with a 20 inch 4K panel. For comparison, the largest MacBook is “limited” today to 16.2 inches. But as we have seen in certain patents signed Cupertino, all it would take is a simple hinge and a touch keyboard for this concept to become reality.

Obviously, however, it will also be necessary to wait a long time before being able to discover such an article in store. Indeed, the competition certainly has the cards in hand to convince the public (Asus and its ZenBook Duo in particular), but the overall adoption rate is still low. Young is therefore also betting on 2025 for this future “Mac”, if it really sees the light of day.

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A real challenge for production lines

Very popular on a global scale and often listed among the best-selling models, iPhones benefit from a major subcontracting chain in Asia. Except that this advantage can also prove to be problematic when it comes to validating a prototype to then be assembled by million : if machines have to be reparameterized, a time trial is triggered.

Will Apple’s Chinese and Taiwanese providers be able to get up to speed in time for a foldable iPhone?

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