5 Food colors that are an ally to lose weight

Food colors that are an ally to lose weight

Balancing meals according to the colors of each food is the key to obtaining all the essential nutrients, enjoying a healthy weight, and preventing diseases.

Nature is wise and puts at our disposal all the nutrients that the body needs to function optimally through food consumption. A balanced diet is key to gain health, combat premature aging, and prevent degenerative diseases.

The good news is that through the color of food we can get many benefits and create combinations that specifically provide all the essential nutrients that the body needs. Pigments not only are the substances responsible for giving the color to each food, but they also have one protective function that benefits the general state of health.

Based on this, a new trend has come to light: chromotherapy, which is rather a movement that is based on contemplating the nutritional and medicinal benefits provided by each range of colors, to create perfectly balanced meals.

One of the basic principles of chromotherapy argues that for a diet to be adequate it is essential to take into account the colors of food. The truth is that colors not only make the cymbals look flashy and more succulent, but the balance between them also reflects balance and the contribution in nutrients that contains food, even with the naked eye. The main goal of following a food inspired by chromotherapy proposes to cover the full-color gamut and consume the 5 colors in a balanced way.

If we analyze it this feeding style has all the logic and beyond choosing certain shades of food to lose weight, promotes the realization of small and feasible changes to learn to eat better, and really nourishes the body. The truth is that this type of balance brings a lot of well-being, improves the body’s energy levels, enhances physical and mental performance, strengthens the immune system, stimulates weight loss, and is generally a lifestyle that focuses on life in peace, in order to prevent diseases.

Food colors ally to lose weight

Colors of each of the foods that we consume every day have a meaning that is directly related to its nutritional composition and hence therapeutic properties.

White foods

White foods are characterized by their purity and transparency, are distinguished by being rich in potassium and phytochemicals how allicin, a powerful antioxidant that gives them great healing benefits. They are considered a group of foods that are distinguished by their expectorant, circulatory properties and they is a great natural antibiotic. They are linked to benefits in reducing high cholesterol and blood sugar levels, regulate blood pressure and are highly recommended to prevent cancer. They are light and low in calories, that is why integrating them in the diet is a success to lose weight. Its most prominent representatives are garlic, the onion, cauliflower, the mushrooms, turnip, the leek, endive, milk, the yogurt, rice, the coconut, and the pear.

Orange and yellow foods

Foods in orange and yellow hues are said to be revitalizing and stimulating. Nutritionally speaking, its tones reflect an outstanding composition in which abundant in beta-carotene content (pro-vitamin A), vitamin C, potassium, and folic acid. They are recognized as powerful antioxidants that are related to properties for fight free radicals, strengthen the immune system, prevent diseases, and are a great ally against premature aging. They are also associated with benefits to protect vision and maintain healthy skin, hair, and nails. They are found in foods like the carrots, the Orange, the grapefruit, Tangerine, the peaches, peppers, the handle, pineapple, Honey, the pumpkin, turmeric, and oatmeal.

Citrus juice.

Red foods

Red foods represent heat and energy, that is why it is about products with a great personality and a high in antioxidants, especially in two phytochemicals called: lycopene and anthocyanins. They are related to benefits for stimulating blood circulation and improve cardiovascular health, protect good memory, and benefit the urinary system, promote the elimination of retained fluids. They are characterized by foods like red peppers, Strawberries, red apples, raspberries, tomatoes, radishes, watermelon, the pomegranate, and the chiles.


Green foods

The color green is the most representative when we think of vegetables, they are characterized by their high content of chlorophyll, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. One of its main characteristics is its immense cleansing properties, they are a great ally for detoxify and they also work to cleanse the liver, are a good ally of the digestive system, that is why they are related to benefits for fight constipation and lose weight. They are found in vegetables like the spinaches, broccoli, Lettuce, cabbage, Artichoke, peas, zucchini, green asparagus, the cucumber, the Kiwi, green grapes, parsley, the Mint, basil, chard, and pistachios. They are also an extraordinary ally of the immune system, hydrate, and improve physical and mental performance. spinach

Blue-purple foods

These foods are characterized by being dense in nutrients, among the main characteristics they stand out for their wonderful content in antioxidants and phytochemicals that are associated with great medicinal benefits. Among its main benefits are related to anti-inflammatory properties. Yes, they speed up metabolism, have diuretic effects, protect eyesight, and urinary health. They are found in foods like black grapes, the eggplant, plums, the Cranberries, blackberries, beets, figs, and acai.

5 Food colors that are an ally to lose weight

By way of conclusion, this feeding style proposes through a good balance, create complete meals than nourish, and heal the body. Achieving this balance automatically significantly reduces the consumption of processed foods, increase the intake of local and seasonal foods and homemade preparations, in such a way that it relates to a healthy long-term weight.

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