For more than 7,000 euros, your iPhone camera disappears

Caviar iPhone 13 Pro

With the recent iPhone hacking cases shared in the press, we have notably learned that some spyware are able to see what’s in front of your camera without you even knowing it. And no, the green iOS 14 light that’s supposed to warn you won’t change that if the developers are smart enough, sorry for those who believed it. Fortunately, there is another solution, consisting quite simply of… saying goodbye to the photo pad.

History to remedy this, the famous brand Caviar (luxury smartphones) has therefore imagined an all-black iPhone 13 Pro, the rear lenses less. But be careful because if this product interests you, know that there are only ninety-nine in stock. In addition, the price of the laptop is set much higher than its base price, a sign that it seems to be intended primarily for businesses.

A very resistant iPhone 13 Pro

Caviar goes even further and announces that its modified iPhone 13 Pro is what is more bulletproof, able to cope with calibers such as Makarov’s Baikal-442 or a Glock 17. Titanium versions with camo print are also part of the game, for amounts just as tidy. JMorgan Chase, the investment bank, even thinks that Apple could one day also start to market such nuggets. We’ve seen it at work on Watch before, so why not?

Titanium caviar

© Caviar

Several editions available

To no longer have a camera on the back at Caviar, you will have to choose between the iPhone 13 Pro and the iPhone 13 Pro Max. For each of them, four storage capacities are offered, ranging from 128 GB to 1 TB. As for the prices, they start from $ 6,370 for the iPhone 13 Pro in 128 GB (approximately 5,668 euros at the current exchange rate) and go up to $ 7,980 for the iPhone 13 Pro Max 1TB (more of 7,000 euros).

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Editing Titanium, meanwhile, starts at $ 6,290 for the iPhone 13 Pro (128 GB) and goes up to $ 7,910 for the Pro Max with 1 TB of internal memory. There is also the collection Titanium US pattern, for the same amounts. The only difference between the two apparently being the design of the camo, pixelated on the latter.

Titanium caviarTitanium caviar

© Caviar

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