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Ross Young is a renowned analyst. It has sources close to the mobile screen market. That’s why every report it makes about upcoming screen-related iPhone features is taken very seriously. And the latest mentions a novelty that makes you want a priori. This is also a feature already seen on other Apple products.

The iPhone 14, ready to do like the Apple Watch…

The iPhone 14 should, according to the source, be able to offer a permanent display. Thus, like the Apple Watch, which can display the time continuously, the iPhone 14 could leave some iOS information visible on the screen. One would then imagine being able to read the time or the date of the day without having to wake up the mobile.

This always-on screen feature would be underpinned by the ProMotion technology already seen on iPhone 13 Pro. Thanks to this, the screen’s image refresh rate varies automatically, between 10 and 120 Hz, as needed. On the next iPhones, this refresh rate could go down to 1 Hz, which would precisely allow this “always-on” display (always on), while guaranteeing a limited impact on the autonomy of the machine.

This isn’t the first time we’ve heard of such a feature coming to a new iPhone. Already last summer, Mark Gurman, Apple specialist at Bloomberg, supported the arrival of the permanent display on iPhone 13. Just like Max Weinbach a few months earlier.

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…and like its competitors on Android

If Apple does add this feature to its next smartphones, it will only catch up with the competition. There are indeed many Android smartphones to offer such a display, and not only on the side of high-end devices.

On the other hand, the usefulness of the “always-on” screen remains questionable, especially if autonomy takes a hit in passing. It’s up to Apple to put everything in place to allow iOS and users to find their account there.

Is this a novelty that seems major to you? Or is it more of a gadget function in your opinion?

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