For Star Wars Day, Apple is preparing (video)

Personne tenant un sabre laser dans une grotte

Next Wednesday will be May 4th. And if you didn’t know, every year on this date, the world, or at least the fans, celebrates Star Wars. And we know that when there is the opportunity to highlight products and / or services as part of this kind of world days, Apple does not miss the call. Recently, she notably launched health challenges to Apple Watch owners and Fitness+ subscribers for Dance Day, and earlier in April, for Earth Day.

This Wednesday, the Californian firm will publish a new special video. This is part of the series “Behind the Mac”, where we generally discover the work of Mac users. We can follow artists and technicians from Skywalker Sound. Skywalker Sound is a company founded by George Lucas in 1975 and specialized in the production of soundtracks for cinema. In short, she creates sound effects and music for clients in the world of the 7th art.

And Apple’s video will show us how the brand’s devices are used to fulfill this mission.

In addition, to make us wait, the Californian firm has published this trailer:

We can hear the sounds of the R2-D2 robot and lightsabers in particular, with details from various speakers.

In any case, we can’t wait to discover this Behind the Mac which promises to be very interesting, not only for fans of the Star Wars universe, but also for all moviegoers or those curious about sound work. Because the Star Wars films, and in particular the first episodes released in cinemas more than 40 years ago, have revolutionized cinema sound.

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We will not fail to inform you of the release of the film on May 4th.

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