For this photo they assure that Aislinn Derbez is identical to Victoria Ruffo

Por esta foto aseguran que Aislinn Derbez es idéntica a Victoria Ruffo

Aislinn derbez She continues to attract attention within social networks, where her followers recently assured her that she looks identical to her father’s ex.

Through her official Instagram account, the eldest daughter of Eugenio Derbez shared a tender photo shoot with his daughter Kailani, where compliments rained down on mother and daughter. On the one hand, while some users highlighted that the little girl looks bigger, they compared her mother with nothing less than the actress Victoria Ruffo.

The series of snapshots that were captured by Alessandra rosaldo during a walk in the mountains in Los Angeles, California, they highlighted the physical resemblance of the Hollywood actor’s first-born with his brother’s mother Jose Eduardo, which was discovered by a large number of followers.

In the first photo you look like Victoria Ruffo“,”Cannon actually thought it was her“,”That was what I thought too“,”How funny you look like Victoria Ruffo“,”You look a bit like Queen Victoria Ruffo“,”You look like Victoria Ruffo in that pic I got confused I thought it was her“,”Do not invent Aislinn Derbez in this photo you look a lot like Victoria Ruffo I thought you were her“These are just some messages that are read in the publication that also exceeds 455 thousand red hearts.

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Who also left a comment on the photographs was the father of Kailani, Mauricio Ochmann, who with some heart-shaped emojis reacted to the beauty of his ex-wife daughter.


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