For this reason, Maripily Rivera decided to abandon “Guerreros México 2020”

For this reason, Maripily Rivera decided to abandon "Guerreros México 2020"

“As a warrior I kept competing, but I can’t take it anymore,” said the Puerto Rican model in the program that is broadcast on Televisa

Maripily Rivera Yesterday he abandoned the “Guerreros México 2020” competition (Televisa) due to a serious injury that he has sustained in his left arm since the second day of starting the reality show.

I came here as a warrior, as a warrior I started competing, as a warrior I fractured my entire shoulder and injured myself, as a warrior I continued competing, but I can no longer take it anymore“She said annoyed and disappointed while demanding that the program” cares more about the ‘rating’ and not the health ‘of its participants.

Rivera resorted to social networks to vent and show why he made the decision to leave the program where he belonged to the team of the “Cobras”. He also announced that later he will be doing an Instagram Live to expand on the subject.

Since I decided to participate in this program, I was very clear about my goal, which was to compete and give the best of my program after program“Wrote the owner of” Pompis Store “.

Then, the bodybuilder published the medical diagnosis of his doctor -Manuel Dufoo Villegas- so that “they can understand and not judge me.”

“Now I am not a warrior because I decided to leave the program to want to rehabilitate myself due to my injury and leave my space to another warrior who could help my team. Too bad, because health comes first than a program that ends in a few months“Said the model,” disappointed by so much injustice. “


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