For Tim Cook, confidentiality is “one of the main challenges of the century”

Tim Cook

It is keen to stay the course despite criticism from its competitors. Yesterday, Tim Cook spoke on the subject of privacy and personal data. Interviewed by FastCompany, he said, according to him, was one of the great challenges of our time:

In terms of privacy – I think that’s one of the biggest issues of the century. We have climate change – it’s huge. We have privacy – it’s huge… And they should be looked at as such and we should think about it deeply and decide how can we do these things better and how to improve the present situation by thinking of future generations.

No question of backing down on data encryption

Tim Cook confirms his commitment to the deployment of tools that will inform users when an application wants to track in order to better target its ads. He also continues to oppose the establishment of a backdoor allowing the authorities to access the services of Apple and its competitors as part of their investigations: ” You know, I’m a firm believer in encryption – end-to-end encryption without a backdoor – and so I’m worried that anyone is trying to break it in any way or weaken it in any way. “.

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Anyway, these words will not be likely to reassure the CEO of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, who recently criticized the new features put in place by the Apple brand in terms of privacy. On Wednesday, for example, he explained: ” Apple can say they are doing this to help people, but these movements are clearly following their competitive interests. “He also judges that the Cupertino company is” one of Facebook’s biggest competitors “.

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