For Tim Cook, there is still no question of the Apple Car

Apple Car

Each year, the DealBook Online Summit is an opportunity for influential figures from the media and business to discuss key issues such as the geopolitical situation or technological issues. In November 2021, the guests were distinguished: Mary Barra (General Motors), Albert Bourla (Pfizer), Mellody Hobson (Ariel Investments) but also Tim Cook are in the game.

The latter, current CEO of Apple, is now followed very closely during his press releases which are more and more frequent after several years of relative discretion. It is not the only one. Craig Federighi, current mister iOS of the Apple firm, had also taken the microphone during a conference where the serious case of sideloading was discussed. A subject that Cook again wanted to tackle this week …

No question of giving in to the threat!

Indeed, for Steve Jobs’ protégé, those who wish to install apps without going through the iPhone verification process can do so… “by buying a [mobile] Android“. The choice is therefore always in terms of users, but not on the side of the manufacturer, which continues to be justified for safety reasons.

The analogy proposed by Tim Cook is also scathing: for the president, selling a smartphone without this barrier would simply be like selling cars without installing airbags. So it would be “too risky“. Despite everything, the most seasoned hackers continue to access content from Apple devices even without having to download any platform to their victims. Pegasus, spyware from some governments, works just that way.

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On the Apple Car

Sorkin, the journalist who interviewed Tim Cook, also tried to find out more about the supposed autonomous car that Apple would be secretly designing. Unsurprisingly, the response only confirmed the company’s position in favor of secrecy: no information on future products will be revealed before their official presentation. In the meantime, it will therefore be necessary to be satisfied with rumors which here and there evoke an improved CarPlay or even augmented reality displays on the windshield.

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