Former boxer Óscar De La Hoya is accused of sexual abuse

Former boxer Óscar De La Hoya is accused of sexual abuse

The well-known former boxer Óscar De La Hoya faces serious accusations of sexual abuse, which were brought to justice by a woman with whom he had a work contact.

According to the TMZ media outlet, the complainant worked for Casa México, a tequila manufacturing company of which Óscar is a partner. At that time and during a business trip, the athlete would have knocked on the door of the hotel room where she was. “with the pants down to the ankles.”

Following this, De La Hoya entered the room, threw himself on her bed and sexually assaulted her. But that was not the only episode of her, since he also attacked her in a second time when the whole group returned to Los Angeles.

What was exposed by the victim caused in her a “severe physical and emotional harm” according to his words and that is why he was encouraged to file the lawsuit officially in the Superior Court of Los Angeles.

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