LifeStyle Relationships Former Miss Mexico, Sofía Aragón, is hospitalized and she...

Former Miss Mexico, Sofía Aragón, is hospitalized and she explains why


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Sofia Aragon.

Photo: Ángel Llamas / Reform Agency

Sofia Aragon used her Instagram account to reveal that she has been hospitalized since the early hours of Thursday morning, news that she released with a photo of her from the hospital, wearing a white coat and accompanied by the caption “Endometriosis again doing its thing“.

Through a message on her official Instagram account, the former beauty queen explained that the diagnosis is complicated since the condition that led her to receive emergency medical attention again is a disease of unknown origin, that is, not it is known why it occurs so it is difficult to study it, in addition to the fact that it is a disease that until now has no cure.

Along with the photograph in which he appeared from the hospital bed, he confessed that After 11 years of treatment and 2 laparoscopic surgeries, he unfortunately still has many problems.

The former participant of Miss Universe 2019 He took advantage of the publication to talk more about this disease, which appears when the tissue that covers the uterus grows outside it, as well as some complications that affect those who suffer from it.

“Endometriosis tissue acts in a similar way to tissue found inside the uterus: it grows, thickens, and tries to shed with each menstrual cycle. Because tissue cannot leave the body, it can cause adhesions, nodules, and lesions and trigger an inflammatory response, severe pain, nausea, vomiting, and other complications, such as infertility.“He added.

Before concluding, he emphasized giving importance, detecting it and treating it.

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The pain is not normal, if you have a lot of pain during your period, do not miss it, take care of yourself and take care of yourself, you deserve it“, Sentenced the host of TV Azteca.

Let us remember that during his controversial statements against Lupita jonesOn November 16, the also model and writer confessed that due to lack of income during her preparation for the beauty pageant, she had been forced to abandon her medical treatment:

I have endometriosis, a gynecological problem, and had to go to appointments constantly. During all my preparation I could not go even once. I would say to Lupita, ‘please, I need to go to the doctor and she would answer me,’ sorry there isn’t ‘“, He narrated in a video published within the same social network.




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- Advertisement -Former Miss Mexico, Sofía Aragón, is hospitalized and she explains whyFormer Miss Mexico, Sofía Aragón, is hospitalized and she explains why

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- Advertisement -Former Miss Mexico, Sofía Aragón, is hospitalized and she explains whyFormer Miss Mexico, Sofía Aragón, is hospitalized and she explains why

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