Former president of Nintendo declares himself a Blockchain enthusiast and wishes he could sell his Animal Crossing island as an NFT

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Former president of Nintendo declares himself a Blockchain enthusiast and wishes he could sell his Animal Crossing island as an NFT For Angel Di Matteo @shadowargel

For Reggie Fils-Aime, former president of nintendo, blockchain and the NFT they have a future within the gaming industry as long as they are introduced from the perspective of real benefit to the player.


The former president of Nintendo and one of the most iconic figures in the gaming world, Reggie Fils-Aime, recently spoke out in favor of blockchain and the NFT, to whom he predicted a very good future within the ecosystem of the gaming.

Former president of Nintendo declares himself enthusiastic about blockchain

Fils-Aime, during a panel held this week at the event SXSW, revealed to be enthusiastic and believer of blockchain, Calling it a truly compelling technology, one that could radically change the way gamers interact with their favorite titles, even allowing them to be rewarded for the time and effort they put into playing their favorite titles.

In this regard, Fils-Aime commented:

“I also believe in the concept of ‘Play to Earn’ within video games. And I say this as a gamer who may have spent 50 hours on one game, 100 hours on another, and there are some titles where I’ve spent more than 300 hours. When I’m ready to move on to something else, wouldn’t it be great to monetize what I’ve built?

Animal Crossing: A possible use case

To better exemplify his idea, Fils-Aime indicated that a good example of what he was referring to could be seen in the popular game Animal Crossing: New Horizonthe latest installment of one of the most beloved franchises of Nintendo in which players must create an island and trade items online, thereby generating funds to reinvest in the land in question.

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According to the former president of Nintendo, the island of Animal Crossing that he himself designed, developed and put so much effort into would be an item that perhaps many players would be willing to buy. Therefore, he believes that the fairest thing would be to allow him and other users of the game to be able to market their islands in order to somehow monetize the time they invested in the video game:

“I bet there would be some takers if I wanted to sell my Animal Crossing island from the latest version for the Nintendo Switch. I wish I could monetize that.”

give to blockchain a fun approach

If already the idea of ​​digital collectibles (NFT) is controversial, today it is even more so within the ecosystem of traditional video games, since many have the perspective that interested companies only want to exploit the concept and find new ways to monetize without offering something of real value to players.

For the same order of ideas is that companies like Ubisoft have generated a lot of rejection among the players interested in the NFT, since the idea of ​​introducing monetizable aesthetic collectibles does not improve the gameplay of the associated franchises.

In this regard, Fils-Aime made it clear that for blockchain can succeed in this industry, it is important that it is an implementation that makes real sense to the player:

“It can’t just be a developer approach [que piensa] that it is interesting or that it is a way to earn more money. In the end it has to be good for the player. But I see an opportunity there.”

Although Fils-Aime is no longer part of Nintendo, To date, the company he used to run has not expressed plans to want to incorporate this type of technology to some extent in its products and services, although there is interest in the idea of ​​the metaverse. But on the side of gamestop, company to which it belonged until very recently, it seems that it will try to venture into the NFT sector through a marketing platform for digital collectibles.

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